Peidmont 11-15

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  1. Fished with a pure professional (Jim Corey)on Monday. What a great time! Just wanted to thank him for a fantastic day on the water. Learned some new methods (lead core) for keeping the lure down on the bottom. I'll try it on some of the central Ohio lakes and will let you know how it worked. Caught lots of saugeyes (41) on the vib-e bite. Thanks Jim for the learning experience, Chuck is spreading the word what a great fisherman you are with the CPD. Look very forward to fishing with you again. The bite is on at Indian so I'll be heading there Friday morning . I'll post the results. Again, thanks Jim and have a happy Thanksgiving catching them hog eyes.
  2. DaleM

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    Sounds like you had a great day. Yep, for an old guy he's OK.
    Welocme to OGF. Glad to see you join us. Keep checking in and let us know how you do at Indian.

  3. Corey

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    OLD?????????????Like a fine wine buddy! Well, yeah, kinda vinegary at times........Glad to see you guys made it to OGF Chappy! I also had a great time. Does the arrest rate in Columbus go up or down when Chuck's in a good mood?
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    Welcome ChappyC !
    I've been waiting for some fish stories of this Piedmont trip. Stop in the store with some pictures if you have any.