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  1. Kids ride on 12 volt toy. I bought this for my 2 year old a few months ago and he just isnt ready for it yet. So it just sits in my small garage taking up space. I would rather have the extra room in the garage right now and get him another one in a year or so. Its in good condition with the only exception being that the reverse switch either needs replaced or the electrical contacts need to be cleaned... info on how to do that is on I just never did anything with it because my son didnt use it anyway. It has a brand new battery from wal mart a few months back when I bought the gator. I paid 120 $ for the gator but would sell it for $ 90 Im considering putting it on ebay and craigslist too. Let me know if you are interested.
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    I believe I have the same gator you have. Also had a problem with the reverse. If yours is the type where your kid has to hold the shifter down and simultaneously his the pedal to go in reverse, then it's the same one. I took the shift box apart and was able to fix it. I don't recall right now what was causing the problem, but I ended taking something out. Now, it works like Forward 1 and Forward 2, move the shifter and go...don't have to hold it down anymore. My boy is 3.5 now and still drives the heck out of it. He's usually taking the neighbors' daughters for rides around the cauldesac.

    This will definitely make someone's kid a happy kid.

  3. Yep, its the same. And considering the $300 price tag on a new one , I am almost giving this one away.