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  1. Had a decent sized puffball in the back yard I picked last night, about twice the size of a softball. The skin was already tan so not sure if its still good or not. I have ate the giant puffballs before but not these, anyone had them? I thought it was usually fall before you would find puffballs but the last 2 years in the same spot I've had one come up about the same time.
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    How do they taste in comparison to morels? I've never tried them before.

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    how do you clean and prepare a puffball? what do they taste like? I cant even imagine what their consistency is like...... Ive only eaten morels but have come across a lot of puff balls.
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    I would love to see answers to both those questions!
  5. Taste similar to morels but more firm texture, about like pizza mushrooms(forget what they are called). Not nearly as good as morels but hey when you see one in the back yard may as well eat it!;)
  6. I love morels. I do not love puffballs. There's an odd, almost chemically taste to them. ...And I personally would not equate morels to the typical, rubbery pizza fare!
  7. i dont think morels taste like pizza mushrooms either, i was trying to say that the texture of the puffballs are similar to pizza shrooms.
  8. Ah, thanks for clarification.
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    I might have to read up on these a bit more and try them.
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    SLice them about 1/8" to 1/4' Thick and then trim off the outer hide, it's not too thick. As long as the puffball is snow white and not yellowing or green it's good to eat. You can fry it in butter w/o flour and salt and eat. Some folks fry them that way and put maple syrup on them. You can also dip in egg, flour, fry in butter and eat them that way. These puffballs precede the giants you speak of which should be coming in August. Bon Apetit!!
    The Chanterelles are up under the Beech trees!
    Twistertail..dip them in your Dad's batter mix, and then send me the leftover batter mix...I'm completely out:(
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    convenient snack :D as long as you dont put a bunch of chemicals in your yard.

    i had blewits around my compost pile two years ago but not last year. last year was terrible for me all around. too dry.
  12. I find tons of em at springvalley during rabbit and bird season. They are usually the size of volleyballs and bigger.

    I take em home and take the outter skin off completly.-not spelled correctly.:) Make sure there are no gills and the inside should look like a big hunk of foam.

    Then cut em into big slices and put em in a pan with olive oil; butter salt and pepper. Yum.

    Ive never had or found morrells so im not sure how to compare the taste.
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    check out this "chicken of the woods" i found two weeks ago, i cut enough for a snack, it was really good. sliced thin and sauteed for a long while. we had some with steak the next day too. different tasting but very good.

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  14. Now those are some good shrooms! I love chicken of the woods and hen of the woods.
  15. When I was a broke college student we ate puffballs whenever we found 'em. I think they are pretty good rolled in batter and then deep fried. Not much taste to them, but they always seemed kind of sweet and mild in flavor. Nowhere near the treat that morels are, in my opinion, but much easier to find! One giant puffball goes along way, too.