PB smallie on the GMR

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  1. :B caught a 19.25" smallie tonight on the GMR weighed in at 3.9lbs on the digi. I have a few pics on my cell phone but have no idea how to post any help would be apprieciated. :confused: This fish took me about 5min to get in and jumped about 20 times what a blast!
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    Congratulations, sounds like a real nice fish and a great fight. Can't wait to see the picture.

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    congrats on the pb! That is a great fish.
  4. Yep, that's a heck of a smallmouth. Congratulations! I'm anxiously awaiting a pic. (Sorry, I can't help with the "how to" on the pic).
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    Very swett! Nice job! That river can be a challenge to do sertious #'s in but there are some real trohpies in there/ My PB was 22" some yrs back in Sept and fat as as a prenant sow,had to have topped 5 lbs. I've hooked bigger ones but they broke me off on the rocks where I fish...they're in there,just gotta put in your time,TC1
  6. I'd be glad to catch one like that anyday. As far as the picture thing is concerned, I would recommend using photobucket.com. Free account and you just upload pics and it gives you a couple of options on how to use the pictures. There is an option to just click on the image code and it automatically copies it. You can then just past the image code in your posts and the image will appear. Hope this helps.
  7. Log on to your service provider's website; ie verison, sprint, ect.. Next set up a user account and log in. The site map should direct you to the picture upload instructions. You have to send the pic from your phone to the internet site of your cell phone provider. Then dowload the picture to your computer and attach to a post on here. Let me know if you have any questions.

    All my pics are from a cell phone. It's a little complicated at first but not difficult.
  8. sounds like a nice fish.....I use my phone alot and just send my pics to my email - use email addy instead of number when sending a text. from there just a regular download from your computer. good luck!
  9. I always fish the LMR. Is the area on the GMR on 27 right before the ross hamilton exit any good for SM. Always looks good to me when I drive over it.

    Many moons ago I use to catch alot of catfish behind the rumpke ball fields off of 128
  10. here are a few pics, Im so dissappointed with how they turned out they do not do this fish justice! Thanks for the help[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  11. Don't you love catching one of your best fish and being the only one there to take a picture.
  12. its awful as you can see by the pictures, I actually caught an action photo of the fish jumping and a 1/2 fish pic I was too concerned with this fish getting back in the water I didnt have time to line everything up
  13. nice smallie.. the pic with the rod as a reference to size actually does show how big that fish is. nice catch.