PB Smallie, and lots more...

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  1. For about 45 minutes today, it was like I was in a dream...

    My largest smallmouth to date wasn't very big -- 16" caught on my last trip out last fall. So, I was excited when late morning today I tied into one even bigger -- 17".

    But what followed really blew my mind. In the space of about 45 minutes, I landed 7 smallmouth 15" or larger out of a stretch less than half an acre. The five best weighted about 12-13 pounds, and every one of them was 17" or larger. The two best were both 19 inches, with the biggest weighing 3lb, 13oz on my digital scale.

    This may not mean anything to Lake Erie guys, but to me (never been on Erie), these things were beasts. Just amazing to get them out of a local river, and amazing to get them all in the space of less than an hour.

    Pics below are the biggest, then the two best ones together. They came on a combination of white Gulp minnow grub on 1/8oz jighead and a white X-rap.

    Oh, total picked up probably 12-15 smallmouth, a couple crappie, and 4 small LM today...

  2. Bassnpro1

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    wow, what a day! congrats on some great fish

  3. Nice job Chip..... Sure looks like you found a honey hole...... You guys are killing me.....LOL I need to get my boat out of storage and get moving.... Once again.. VERY NICE!!

  4. Mushijobah

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  5. Thats a good catch any day any lake.
  6. Dang I thought about going smallie fishing this morning but hit a local pond instead:( Congrats on a great catch.
  7. i wonder if that's what heaven looks like?
    congrats,,,that's unreal!
  8. NewbreedFishing

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    way 2 go Dr. C!

    ur stabbing some nice fish the past few years!!
  9. well done...! I had a similar experience fly fishing for them yesterday. Just one hog, but it was so much fun.
  10. Nice Smallies! That had to of been a lot of fun!
  11. tcba1987

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    those are some great smallies...............congrats !!
  12. Thanks guys. It really was amazing to me. I'm hoping to repeat it sometime soon -- but I'm not holding my breath, either... :)
  13. fishnwithjoe

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    Very very good smallies. Sounds like you had a great day. So many fishing shows are done on Lake Erie and our other Ohio smallmouth bass fisheries are overlooked. I did this smallmouth video on the Scioto River so everyone would know we have great fishing in Central, Ohio.
  14. Great set of videos Joe! Seems kinda like the series Ike is doing now, "City Limits" on Versus...
  15. Congrats on one heck of a day! Got to love those days like that!