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  1. Got my personal best Largemouth at the pond I fish. It was on a double bladed buzzbait at about 7:30 p.m. Jumped in the air about 3 feet. Most excited I've ever been with a fish.

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  3. Nice Fish Cat!! Congrats on the PB. Nothing like a Lunker chasing down a Buzzbait.
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    nice fish. big belly on it! looks like a 3 or 4 lbs. i love fishing topwaters. what a rush.
  5. Nice fish. I am a big fan of topwater baits. Rapala Skitter Pop is by far my favorite lure. Catch tons of smallmouth bass on it when I go to Wisconsin and Canada. Nothing like watching a bass destroy a topwater...haha
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    Congrats on a fine catch.
  7. nice fish! i caught a 3 pound bass today at a pond close to the house. the bass bite should only get better.
  8. Looking carefully at the photo, I think that fish is bigger than it looks. That's a nice catch. Congrats!
  9. Here is another pic. It was a hog. GOD BLESS TRAILER HOOKS.

  10. I've read that they are matching the California Largemouth strain to the Florida Largemouth strain and are going to differentiate them from other Largemouth.
  11. San Diego bass have always been called Florida strain as far as I can remember
  12. Nice Fish !!! Congrats