PB Flattie!

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  1. Mongo and I tried a new spot last night, where I finally landed one of those "fabled" flatties I keep reading about. The spot we fished was a mile walk from where we usually fished, so I packed light. Of course, one of the things I didn't carry with me was a scale and a decent camera! My previous personal best was 12 lbs. even, so officially this guy goes down at over 12 lbs. Unofficially, I'm guessing him to be in the 30lb. range (felt a lot heavier than he looks!). Had another snap my 30# mono (another thing I forgot to do--check my drag!), and Mongo caught a nice channel and a small flattie. Had a couple other runs as well. All in all, a good night on the GMR.

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  2. Nice fish, over 25 for sure!, Mind if I ask what it took and from what watershed??


  3. Caught him on a goldfish on the GMR between Middletown and Hamilton.
  4. Looks like it was worth the walk. Nice fish.