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  1. Fished last night from about 10 til 3 in the morning, I caught one blue, one shovel, and 2 channels. The blue i couldnt get on the scale and didnt want to harm him in any way so i'll let you guys decide and tell me what ya think. The shovel was just at 7 pounds and the channels were both right around 2 lbs. Three catfishin rods of mine are in the shop for busted guides so i was left with a 6'6 MH casting rod i use for crankbaits and an abu garcia 5000 it took about 20 minutes for him to come in... I had camara problems and only managed to get pictures of the blue laying down I really wished one would have came out cause his belly was FAT. My little cousin caught a nice 16 lb blue no later than ten minutes after mine... here are some pics hopefully they work...




  2. Where at on the Ohio River were you fishing?? Just curious, most guys had a tugh time of it yesterday. Glad you got some fish. Wait a minute, just realized the floats in Pic 3, probably not from the river, purchase Pit???
    Thanks , Salmonid
  3. it wasnt on the river like you figured out and your kind of right its a small group of lakes they sell out yearly memberships but not really a typical paylake...its out near huber heights
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    Didn't you here what nobama said? Looks like you need some air in your tire.That will solve our energy problem. Lol nice catch.
  5. I got a feeling its that property owners association Crystal lakes ??

    What do i get for winning :) :) :) :B

    nice catch

  6. haha that was a good one... and thanks all for saying nice fish

    and yeah its Crystal Lake in Medway

    no way at rainbow i refuse to go paylakin...i spend enough money on fishin as is lol
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    i remember getting taken to crystal lake about 8 years back, didn't know there was anything of any size in there
  8. Crystal Lake used to be absolutely loaded with big flathead. There was a group that stocked there fish in there from Rainbow. Not sure if they are still in there or not, but I'm sure at least some would be.