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    I recently moved back to Northeastern Ohio to the Youngstown area, and was wondering if there are any stocked lakes/ponds that offer pay to fish opportunities. There used to be the five lakes in the valley including Liberty, Girard, Evans, Hamilton, and Pine that were great fishing spots. Thanks.

  2. there are two down by me in massillon. Lake O' Springs on Lake O' Springs drive off of portage and Earl Lake off of 21 over by the lake rd exit. If you want to drive that far and need better directions let me know. Lake O' rents boats and Earl Lake is from shore only.

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    There is also Bass Lakes in Doylestown,

    Its kinda a neat arrangement, you can trade your catch for corn, tomatoes and other veggy's.
    They have 5 or 6 lakes with a differant species in each...
    NICE place.
  4. lake hodgson in ravenna (portage county). not sure how the fishing is there at the present.