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  1. Well we hit it again last night all night......I managed to pull two flatheads out of the water when the bite was extremely slow....not a fish weighed the whole night! We thought the bite would be on like Donkey Kong but no such luck......nice pulling two out though when no one in the lake was catching anything! I got an 8# flat and a 20# flat both on live about 5am my bro got a 22#er. Not the 40, 50, or 60 and above we were going for but still it's nice to get out and fish. If anyone else was having any better luck let me know.....course we know it's not all luck! Tight Lines all!
  2. fishing for cats is going to be really tough this weekend, we have a high pressure system in for the next few days. cats i have learned really dont like high pressure, especially flatties.

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    We seem to be doing pretty good on the Ohio River even with the heat. Last night was slow though, with only one almost 23 pounds.