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  1. Paul's Marine is having an open house March 6, 7, 8, & 9, 2008. They have a new line of boats that is a must to check out! There will be freebies, great food, Bass Masters on the tube and a bunch of great folks to talk to! Get out of the house and check them out.
  2. will do >>>>>>>>>>>> one of my fav places.

  3. wow..thats is hard to believe for me anyways, ive had nothing but good experiences with pauls marine, and have talked with several guys that work there outside of the store and were nothing but polite and helpful.
  5. My Momma told me if I didn't have anything good to say...don't say anything at all! :p

    I've had my Mercs worked on there and they did a very good job. Also went to their parts dept for help with trailer brakes and they bent over backwards to get me parts and get on the road right before I had to travel out of state for a tourney. As I recall, my trailer brakes could have been one of two kinds, so they GAVE me both types and told me to bring back the ones that didn't work and we worked out the cost very fairly. Pretty good customer service if you ask this guy.

  6. yea one time they gave three or four little clasps that i broke off my trolling motor bracket for free and then another time they gave me a gas fitting for my older merc 6hp that they just had back in their shop. so i went in and bought extra stuff anyways since they did that for me each time.
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    I have had good luck at Pauls. Before i got the ranger i had my sea nymph maintained there. They got some issues fixed in a pintch so i could make a tourney. Their prices for maint. work is pretty much the same no matter where you take it. They do have a staff of guys who knows a lot about fishing, the whole Paul family are fisherman especially Jerry's sons. I have my boat worked on by Knox (Ranger Dealer) which has great service too but would not hesitate to take it to Pauls if i needed something done and couldn't get it fixed by Knox. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, i guess every business can't please everybody.
  8. I buy the majority of my Merc and OMC parts from Paul's. My motas are older and most dealers do not work on stuff older than 15 years. Paul's stocks a massive parts inventory and they bend over backwards to get the stuff you need. Their service guys have given me tons of free advise over the years.

    Once, I was having difficulty installing the waterpump impeller key on an old Merc. I brought it in, and they put it together for me FREE OF CHARGE, while I waited.
  9. I have had nothing but very good experiences with Pauls Marine as well. A bunch of good guys that have helped me out more than one time.
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    I can't help but think there is a grudge in there for something. I mean if you had a bad experience or two or three with them, okay, I can appreciate that. But when you then go on to rip their knowledge and their professionalism and then you go on to rip their boats, it just sounds like something personal to me. Do you work for another boat dealer or something? It just sounds like a Steelers fan ripping the Cleveland Browns. You would have to be a football fan to understand that analogy.

    Anyway, I have a 1999 Tracker Pro Team 185 with a 90 HP Merc on it. Bought it there. Have had it maintained there when needed. The only thing I ever had a problem with was the service department trying to charge me $25 to replace a light bulb on the side of my console which took about 30 seconds. The guy ringing up my bill thought that was excessive as well and cleared the charge. Other than replacing the aeriator and regular maintenance, that boat has been outstanding for me.

    It is the only boat I have bought from them, so I can't honestly sit here and judge their knowledge of fishing boats. But I will say that you and I do agree on Lund boats. It isn't like Trackers are $30,000 boats either. You get what you pay for. But when you call Trackers junk, how do you justify that? What is your experience with Tracker?

    By the way, my Tracker came with a 75 HP motor. I took it out on the lake the day I picked it up and then went back to Jerry and said, "Jerry, its not fast enough, I want a bigger motor." He checked and it had not been titled yet so he said okay, leave it here. A few days later I got a call to come pick it up. He took the 75 off and put the 90 on it. Of course I had to pay the difference for the size of the motor, but no charge to make the change.
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    Ok , I have to post my 2 cents in here as well . I do not believe that everyone knows how the boat selling world goes around . Tracker Marine is a company that has "set Prices" . It is very hard for dealers to negotiate price on these rigs . Most boat manufactures are close to the same . The only exception is that the more boats a dealer orders at one time the better the price they get . And believe me , it is not a whole lot of money . Things have changed over the years . Its seems like price negotiation on anything is a thing of the past .

    I have heard from many dealers that the comunications from Tracker Marine just wasnt there . Dealers had a lot of problems turning around warranty and service work due to this issue . In these cases , it is almost out of the dealers hands . This is why dealers have been dropping out of selling Tracker marine products over the last few years . Now the market is moving toward selling boats out of retail stores . I see this as a problem for the consumer . Retail stores are not equiped to do service and dealerships will more than likely only service the outboards on boats bought from these stores .

    I have spoken with the folks from Pauls Marine many times . Even though I have not purchased a boat from them and at this time have no need to , they have treated me with the upmost respect , answered all my questions , given me products to try ect . I believe that they are in a whole new world by offering Champion and Lund boats to their customers and will be able to offer greater customer service and value .
  12. Normally we don't weigh in on these type of discussions, but feel we must. We have nothing but good things to say about Paul's. Was there yesterday getting some oil etc. hoping that we actually have an end to this never ending winter. Talked to Jerry, Fred, Jeff and Brad and all we want to impart is that they have always bent over backwards to satisfy our needs. Have bought several boats from them over last 23 years. They have been great supporters of the Hoover Fishing Seminar with their money and their time. The first rule of a business is to stay in business to serve customers. Their longevity speaks volumes. They run a most professional business and have highly trained staff. The key words might be "Professional Business". Not to be confused with "free-lunch store". We always remember the saying. "Oats cost more before they go through the horse".

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    I have delt with Pauls a lot, and I have nothing but good comments. Sales is good but the service department is better. They are the only mechanic around that I trust doing work on my Optimax. There may be some that are as good but I won't be finding out.
  14. Just my 2 cents worth - I bought a tracker back in 2000 from Pauls Marine and really like it. Of course like any boat you often have issues but every time I did Paul was there to correct the issue.
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    I bought one of the tundra's when they first came out from these folks. Tracker didn't have the motor I wanted, but the Mercury rep came up with another (larger) motor for the same price. I have never been able to get the boat anywhere near up to the recommended speed this boat and motor combo say it should and my experience is that the folks at Paul's were of little or no help. It seemed to me that once they had my $25K they were done with me. Sorry, that is how I felt then and still feel this way five years later.
  16. I personally have never been in the place. However, everyone I talk to doesn't have anything good to say about Paul's Marine. Most have horror stories to tell. I just stay away so I don't have any problems.