Patterning Bass at Mogadore

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  1. Hey everyone. I've been having some difficulty finding a pattern to consistently catching decent size and numbers of bass at Mogadore. I've been picking up a few here and there with small crankbaits and plastic worms, but have been getting pretty frustrated. I thought maybe I could get some tips from the experts regarding what seems to be working best out there (e.g., depth, baits and sizes, and general locations such as weed edges). Any help will definitely be appreciated!!!! :)
  2. Hey tech I lived in mogadore and fished that lake every day. I now live in cleveland area and don't get there much. but would be glad to go out with sometime and show what works and where

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    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Tech, my dad goes out every other day now, Like the old TV show Cheers he has become a regular there. Being retired he drags his old green rickety boat out and off he goes.
    Here is what he has showed me and some friends lately.
    Early morning he is doing good with jitterbug. Mid day things slow up and he heads towards the park shore. Afternoon he uses roostertail and a popper.
    Evening he throws a spinner in various locatins being careful as the weeds tie em up even with a weedless.
    occasional top bait in the late evening. He has 1 of the records there 2 years ago. This year he has had a few nice sized ones. I tried getting him to join our forum and group but his ways and feelings about computers....well lets just say he is on the lake instead of typing..LOL
    Hope it helps.