pattern stickers?

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by dpc10, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I am some what new to making lures. I enjoy working with the wood, but when it comes to painting i get discouraged. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of stickers with patterns on them. I was just thinking what would make it easier and that came to mind. I have never heard of them but if someone has or knows where to get them from please let me know.
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  2. You might want to pm fugarwi7 (Brian) on this site. He has used homemade stickers to detail some of his baits. Painting is my least favorite part of lure making. I'm not the best painter but I use painters tape and stencils made from old plastic milk jugs to focus my paint. Remember the fish doesn't care if the paint is perfect.