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Patoka Lake , Indiana

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by FishinDawg, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Mid May I'm in a small club tournament at Lake Patoka in Indiana. Can anybody shead some light on this lake, fishing wise, what baits have worked, what to fish, shore lines, weeds, creek channels, fallen timber, ect. if anybody has any information on this lake i'd greatly appricate it.
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    fishindawg good luck in your fishing tournament I fished there two years ago we had a great time.we fish all day in the rain with a 2.5in count downthe color silver and black there are two islands on the lake both of them have grass around them. When you put in at the main ramp if u look behind u. You will see rocks on the far bank start at that point its all good . Three of us one day got over hundred fish in12 hours I think they have a slot limit between12&15in you have to throw back to the Great Lakes I hope I'll help you out in some way

  3. Thanks 521, My son and a fishing buddy travels there saturday to check out the camping and the lake, it's drawn down right now for the spring rain, I'm framilure with what ya said, and actually from the map was gonna try those spots, but thanks for conferming what i was thinking, long trip there from NWO Toledo area, took us about 5 hours but easy drive, Thanks again