Passing it on off Huron 7-1-08

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    True2Plue, Jeremy (11 year old cousin) and myself had the rods in the water at 5:45, had 3 tickets filled by 8:30. North of Huron in 35-38 fow. This is the second year I have taken Jeremy on an eye trip and he gets better every year (he even remembered some of the pointers I gave him a year ago). Cranks out performed spoons again for us. Caught one eye on the spoons and the rest was trash. We did not catch one trash fish on the cranks. Reefrunners 110-120 feet back off the inline boards, barenaked was the hottest crank taking half of the fish. Jeremy brought in the biggest eye of the evening (heck he brought all of them in):p , the big eye was a 27.5" supermodel. Great evening on the big lake with a good friend and a young man that is passionate about fishing ! Great job Jeremy !

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  2. Great post, looks like he's really enjoying himself. Way to go!

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    nice report, that young man will get some guns growing soon after reeling in all them fish.
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    It's funny you mention that, I had to reel most of the boards in for him and hand him the rod after the board was taken off. I told him he is going to have to hit the weight room this winter to prepare for next year.:D
  5. Great report and Pics Matt!!!!!

    Some of todays kids i beleive are gonna be alright.....

    Keep them fishin....

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    That's what Het said he had to do Kevin also during the Cleveland Tournament:D

    Nice, nice, job Matt!!
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    LOL ! Yeah those 2 oz. inline weights can really test a man's will.....:D
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    Great job! Looks like us old guys will have some competition for for the future. ;)
  9. Way to go Dawg ! ! ! ! Looks like it was a perfect day....
  10. Got my oldest who is seven now, loving what I enjoy doing. Pix are from when she was four years old.

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    Enjoy it Norm ! They grow up fast don't they ! My son is 5 and he really loves perchin', sheepies, white bass, it doesn't matter as long as he is catchin'. If he's not catchin' he's killin' the minnows ! LOL ! I love every minute of it ! Thanks for posting the pics.