Pasha Lake Ontario

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    My Dad and i will be going to pasha lake ontario. It is a small camp where we will be staying. It is located all the way up to where all the raods end in canada and no towns r within an hour. We are going 4 pike walleye and lake trout :B.In some of the lakes u have 2 drive your car down a sand 2 track then carry your boat to the lake:p! It will be a great adventure. I'll be gone from the 26thJ-8thA. I'll have pics of all my mosters link- :G
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    What a super week of fishing! We got settled into our cabins and got ready 4 the next day 2 fish. The next day we went to a lake about 2500 acres called beatty here we caught about 20 small pike and missed a nice one at the boat. At these area lakes there is a slot limit which was from 27.5in. to 35.5in. for pike (those are the ones normally kept). We fish these lakes with a chatreuse red dotted spoon or magnum wiggle warts in weed beds. The next day was a waste b/c the only reason we went there was b/c the guys we were with didnt wanna go through alot of work to get to the lakes (thats where ya catch the bigguns). This was watson lake we caught quite a few small ones but not any size to them at all (the other guys would bail the next day). So the next day we went to oneman a huge lake and a guy we met put us directly on the fish and if it wernt 4 him prolly wouldnt of caught one(jig and minnow 6ft. of water!). The walleyes up there are really fat and chubby a 23in. was 5lbs! they are shorter though (25in. BIG). The next day we went to Jackson lake it was a hard 2 get 2 lake b/c ya had 2 walk a mile through a peat bog carrying ur stuff! We got there and started trolling a 1 oz. spoon (notice 1 oz.) in about 6ft.-Walleye! 14in. bit a 1oz spoon! we then started to jig fish. We were tearin them up!!! for about ten fish until i ran out of minnows while dad was fishing with just a jig and twister and we were cathing them one rite after another trolling a jig in 6ft. of water!!!!!!! we caught a few bigger ones casting mag wiggle warts 4 pike. We caught a few pike and left (note the bugs are there are HORRIBLE!). We had 2 days left and wanted big pike. So my dad new of a place he went to that had bigguns but was hard 2 get 2 and hadent been fished in 8 years!(another note where we were no raods go north the only north moving roads are logging roads and we were mostly traveling on those and this was on a tiny 2 track). This lake was called lake fullerton and to get to it ya had 2 go through hell and high water to get 2. then ya had 2 drag a boat acroos land 4 a quatermile to get to the launch(we had a cart to haul the boat on but the wheel fell off going down the trail just a mile away). We eventually got there and and it was windy but we found a deep weed bed and i got the biggest fish at 35in. 8) it was realesed :p . The next day we went back to that lake and fished a couple of other weed beds and i got a 33in. and 2-32in. pike. What great fishing with tons of smaller ones thrown in! Here is a fish story that u will believe when u see the pic. We were fishing a weed bed when dad get a big one that hits rite at the boat( we knew it was big b/c it strightened out the leader clip!). So we re drift the same area and bam i get one it is a 32in. in the net then into the boat. It has his lure still in its mouth and mine the same color and kind at the same time!!!!! thats why the have the slot limit b/c the pike r so dumb!!! WOW what a great week of fishing that unfourtetly had 2 end but this statement is nothing but truth- The harder it is to get to the lake the bigger the fish you will catch :) :B
    here the pics i only put the best ones on the pic itself the others are good mite wanna check em out

    Biggest of the week ;-)

    coolest of the week 8-O even got the lucky lure back ;-)

    Biggest of the week 35in. 14lb.

    Biggest walleyes 23in. 5lbs-as u can see theyre chunky 8)

    The average 15in. walleye

    Here some more kool ones

    great week of fun and fishing!

  3. Sounds like quite an adventure NorthSouthOhioFisherman. Your right, ya gotta work to get into those goods lakes sometimes. Good move on talking with the locals. Looks like it paid off by the size of those walleye. They are chunky. Nice pike too!

    Congrats on a successful trip up north!
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    Awesome photos and report! Sounds like it was an unforgettable trip for you guys and those walleyes are super nice.
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    yeah it was really fun but we really went there 4 pike.
  6. NSOF:
    Check your PMs!
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    Great job! There's nothing like northern Ontario pike. Thanks for sharing your pics/story.
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    sounds like you and your dad like to go the extra mile!!
    but thats what it takes. :B

    talk him into taking you to a 'fly in lake' that has trophy managment and you'll never want to leave:D
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    o i no we've heard great stories. while we were there Ron schara was at the same place with a plane and thats wat he did-:B