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Part Time Jobs???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishingful, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    Does any one know of any part time jobs in the ne ohio area around akron??
    If you come across one let me know looking to make some extra money.
  2. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    If you can't find one you an always use a temp agency. They will find one for you.

  3. Try a paper route.
    Most pay you by the drop.
    As long as you can get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, it is good extra money's. The more papers you deliver the more you make on the runs.
    I run a route here in Medina for the local paper. I drop 225 papers daily with a few extra's throughout the week.
    My route generally takes just a little over 2 hours most mornings.
  4. Buy a newspaper Fishingful. Those placement agencies ain't worth a crap because they take too much of your check for finding you a job where as if you would make a little effort yourself, you could probably avoid paying 15% of your check to the temp agency. I know Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Krogerm, etc. are always looking for workers on their loading docks and to stock shelves. But if you're an early morning person, maybe that paper route isn't such a bad idea?

    And the state has job and family services agency that could help you find something. Just look in the beacon journal.
  5. catking

    catking Banned

    Yep, your are right there. I have a son who is working on a PHd in Chemical Engineering and has only 2 more years to go. Then it will be Dr. cwcarper . Yep, thats one of the dopes you are talking about. He stocks shelves at Krogers to make ends meet. That offended alot of people .......You have to realize what is posted sometimes on the site... CATKING
  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    How's the crow taste :D Being a state worker and calling someone else a dope is the pot calling the kettle black.
  7. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i think i missed something?????? :confused:
    but thanks for the input i have been looking in the paper but most are full time or in the middle of the day and i cant do that but i got the word out and am looking around so i am making some kind of effort to find something i just dont want to work in a bar again and whats all this talk about state workers I WORK FOR THE STATE :rolleyes: i just wanted a part time to pay off the car and credit cards faster thanks guys............jim

    my father inlaw delivers papers and makes 28,000 a year doing it i will look into that
  8. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    My Dad used to own a carry out / drive thru and one of his biggest problems was reliable help on the weekend and evening shifts :( :rolleyes: . You may want to try the local ones in your area? ;)

    By the way I also work for the state and don't think Shakedown was targeting us as a whole.
    Don't listen to me though, I have never met him. :p :D
  9. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I sure was targetting US as a whole :D I work for the state too ;)
  10. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    Fast food places are always looking for evening help
  11. If you have a good dependable car and you know the delivery area you can't beat it. You're going to have some additional wear on your vehicle, namely tires and brakes, but you're driving habits can keep that to a minimum. I have been doing it for 10+ years. I average about 3 dollars a delivery in tips and vehicle reimbursement from the store, plus my hourly wage. work a friday or saturday night until close and you should have no problem bringing in close to or over 100.00. It's great having that money in your pocket and not having to wait for 2 weeks to get a paycheck. This is how I pay for my boat. I call it my MAD money.... :)