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Part HELP Needed...

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ShutUpNFish, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. ShutUpNFish

    ShutUpNFish FishBum

    This part is what is causing my Honda 9.9 motor to cut out spuratically. It is definitely this part. The motor shut down out on the lake and would not restart. It is turning over, but when I apply pressure on this box, the motor starts right up. Evidently there is a bad connection in this part. After further experimentation at home, I found that something is loose inside this sealed box. It is wired from the starter to the Ignition coil. It looks to be some sort of ignition regulator or something. Here is my question....I saw some boxes like this one on ebay, but they were for a Honda ATV. They looked exactly the same with the same exact connection and size. Would these work in my Honda 9.9 motor or are they specific to each motor? And does anyone have this part or can get this part for me at a reasonable price before I go to a dealer and drop big bucks?!?!? Thank you!
  2. It's the electronic ignition module. Go to NAPA. They can order for you and have it usually next day for less money than any dealer.

  3. ShutUpNFish

    ShutUpNFish FishBum

    I tried that this morning...NAPA does not carry anything like it. Any other suggestions??? I guess I'm going to have to go to a dealer and get raped!:confused:
  4. I would imagine that since it is between the starter and the coil,it functions similar to the ballast resistors or older Chryslers. My opinion (and $1 will buy coffe at most places), if the cost for the part on ebay is low enough, try it. Another option would be to check the numbers for each part or application of these and see if they share numbers. hope it helps.