Part D Rx Plans - Annual Enrollment

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  1. For the 65+ OGF'ers (or OGR'ers with older parents) now is the time to start reviewing your Part D Rx plans...Open enrollment starts Nov 15 Ends Dec 31st.
    Some companies have eliminted plans for 2009 and of course the formularies may change too (what drugs they cover and what tier). Plus you may be on new meds that you weren't on last year. All plans aren't created equal!

    I ran a quote for a guy with some health problems - one plan $5200 another plan $7300. It all depends what drugs you take and whether the insurance company covers those drugs. For a different person the second company may have the cheaper/better plan. It's all on what drugs you take! Sometimes a husband and wife are covered by different Rx plans because one plan is better for one than the other.

    Due to CMS marketing laws you have to call your agent. They can't call you. Even if you give the agent your folks number, they have to call him. CMS is making sure seniors don't feel pressured!
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    Well I'd like to change! But can't find anything better. I'm on the Senior Advantage Premium and 55 and disabled. The cost was good but for those who aren't aware there is a dounut hole. Be prepared to get screwed and feel the pain if you are on a lot of perscribions. After paying a certain amount of money I believe 2700.00 you and them together. You pay the whole price till you hit a differant amount. Sorry I can't remember those amounts off hand but thats part of my problems. I was cut off in Marchfor spending too much and still in November have not paid enough. I spend a lot per month two are arond 390.00 each and one about 174.00 pluss others. If you are lucky enough to spend enough they take over most of it then. It kills most people. Pluse medicare is basiclly a 80 - 20 insurance policy. This was fine when I worked but now is hell. Not whining just trying to show you younger people to save a lot and if there is a retirement plan get it. I was doing that with a 401 k but you dont see a major disability coming so prepare. As far as D plan it don't save you much but a little helps.