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  1. Looking for some clarification on arrow spine. I have a Mathews DXT 70/28 bow that I am trying to tune. I have been trying to elminate the nock left condition. I am shooting GoldTip 5575 per GTs guidline. I would prefer to pick the proper spined arrow cause from what I have read seems spine is more important that rest. I have tried 85gr and 100gr tips and the difference seems mininal in terms of correcting the problem. I am hesitant to but new arrows (7595s) right now. Anyone have this problem before.
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    Have you moved your rest and you still keep getting a nock left tear?

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    I'm guessing you are using a drop away? or a biscuit?
  4. That's only true if your rest is set right.:p I'm guessing it's not. If Goldtip's guide says that's the correct shaft, I would see no reason to switch. The first thing I would do is to put a center guage on the bow.
  5. I am not sure the center gage will make a difference. I moved my rest as close to the riser without making contact with the fletching and it really didn't correct itself. I also moved it away from the riser and it got worse (as expected). Visually my arrow is set in the middle of the limbs. I can check with a string tied from limb bolt to limb bolt and it is pretty close.

    In terms of spine I am very close on the border line based on GTs guide I am right on the border of the arrow I choose and an arrow less spine, so I would think it isn't the arrow spine. I guess this is why I was a bit perplexed. I am wondering if it is in my form. I try not to grip the bow when releasing, but let the grip pivot in between my thumb and index finger.

    Btw...yes it is a drop away made by Vital Gear
  6. before you buy new arrows, make sure there is no fletching contact with the rest or something else. Try a bare shaft or better yet, try feathers on one of the arrows to see if the same tear continues. Even a fall away rest can contact the fletching if it is not tuned. You may have to experiment with the length of the string from the rest to the buss cable. This will change the time it takes for the rest to fall out of the way, a little can mean alot.

    You are using a release aid, right? If the release hooks directly to the string and has a jaw on one side only, that too can affect the tear.

    Make sure there is not any contact between the string and your arm, that can cause some nasty tears also.

    You mentioned the bow, but not what weight it is set at and how long the arrows are.

    If you think the arrows are underspined, just crank a few pounds off of the bow and try to tune it that way. If that does not change the tear, it is probably something else (like fletching contact, etc).
  7. I have put powder on the rest and shot a few arrows and did not notice any contact so I am fairly certain the arrow is clearing the rest.

    I am using a release with a string loop (not directly on string).

    Arrows are 5575 GT 26.25" for about 63 lb draw weight.

    I don't notice any contact on my arm either.
  8. based on the weight you bow is set at, and the length of the arrows, I think the arrows are fine. I would look elsewhere for tuning issues. Maybe lengthen the cord slightly for the fall away rest, or try the feathers. You may also want to try to orient the nock differently to the vanes and see if that helps.

    Good luck! Tuning can be very frustrating if it doesnt go well.
  9. Ok, just got back from shooting. Lead nock is to the left to allow rest to be centered. i started by adjusting the rest string tighter and looser (longer and shorter to see what would happen)...nothing really.

    Shot a bare shaft through and got the same results as with vanes. The nock left condition is about 1.25 inches from nock to tip.

    So I was digging through my closet and found some older carbon express CX300s with 100gr tip. They are about 28.75 inches. So I decided to shoot them. The GT 5575s are 400 spine with 85 gr. What do you know my nock left went down to about 0.25 inches. So I am now thinking that it is the arrow spine all along. If i shorten the arrow and go to the 85 gr tip then I may get rid of the nock left altogether.
  10. I hope I was wrong about the arrows and you have it figured out. Good Luck, let us know how the lighter points work out.