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  1. I was bored earlier today and made a panoramic view of the Little Portage River close to where it enters into the Portage River. I think it turned out pretty good what do you guys think?


  2. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    That's sweet Ryan!!!!
    Wish I could something like that!
  3. thanks anyone got the fishing bug as bad as i do? I've gotten maybe 5 hours sleep the past few days cause i can't think of anything but catching fish!!!
  4. Nice work man, I have too many fishing shows DVred and its killing me. The past few nights i have been having these crazy fishing dreams where I have a HUGE fish on and i wake up. Cant wait till Spring!!!!!
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    I too have been getting the fishing fever. I have already bought all of my walleye gear and are making my floating jig rigs right now. I zoom through each In-Fisherman that I get in the mail, I take a look at some of my old pictures sometimes and go over in my mind some spots that I would like to hit up this year. I think sometimes that I am obsessed.
  6. That pic is way cool. Yeah I think the bug has gotten us all. I made all my floating rigs months ago, went to bass pro and got my first baitcasting rig today. Milestone lol...any way... I'm itchin to fish so bad. I've gotten all of my walleye gear ready to cast in, so I started workin on Bass gear. I live less than 5 min from Orleans Park and Jerome Rd. on Roachton so I see the Mighty Maumee every day. The Walleye run is such a specticle to just watch from the bridg, but it's one you can be a part of. The chance to land the "BIG ONE" or a dozen Jacks. It's so much fun. We can't help it! It's the fishing "BUG"!!!!!

    If ya can't be good, be good at it...