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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BennyLovesSaugeyes, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Getting sick of fishing my same ol same ol panfish locations. Looking for any help of any locations for good sized pannies (6-7 inch). I fish the areas of griggs/scioto/alum/delaware from the bank or wading in streams.

    any info on any public ponds is also greatly appreciated!!! as public ponds are Bluegill heaven on earth.

  2. pizza


    I've had good luck at mills creek in marysville. Lots of good sized eaters in there.:D

    In all seriousness, try the public ponds in dublin. 1/16 or 1/32 jigheads and 2" or smaller grubs. Or bitsy minnow type baits, rapala countdown 3's etc.

  3. please do not post anymore in my threads. I'm using this site for useful information.

    I've seen in others threads where you are poking fun of myself and the fish I catch. If you don't have any thing nice to say please don't say it.

  4. Benny,
    I live in Dublin. And there must be no less than a dozen ponds that are absolutely overun with gills.
    I hit them with my kids. We rig up a circle hook, no bobbers, and use corn kernels or hotdogs. It's not unusual for my kids to catch 30-40 a piece inside a couple hours. Maybe 1 out of 3 are 6"ers and above.
    And at least one of the kids, if not all three, will hook into a largemouth while we're at it. We've pulled numerous 3-4 pounders out of those ponds over the years, although 90% of the bass are little 14 inchers.
    I'll gladly send you locations of any of those ponds. They are everywhere and almost all of them could use a little culling.

    Typical gills from those ponds:

    Typical bass from those ponds:

    Better bass, but nowhere near the best they have to offer:

    But THESE are what Dad likes to catch:

    Give me a shout. There's a perfectly symbiotic situation here.
  5. andy man. send me a PM to any spots that are LEGAL to fish. I work in dublin, those ponds have to be a stones throw away from my office.

    What's the restrictions on bagging panfish there? is it allowed?
  6. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    Dang, I remember that picture. That sure is a fat one.

    Darn good smallie to Andy! :p

  7. Andyman,

    If you could PM me on those locations too. Also let me know those areas on the Scioto that are 20 miles North. Thanks a million!!!!

    gives you all the locations of dublin parks. In the descriptions on the bottom it tells you which parks offer fishing.

    Hope this helps, I know it's helping me right now. lol:B
  9. Thank you!
  10. much to my suprise, a fishable Dublin Rec Pond is across the street from my office. Been working here for 7 years, didn't even know about the pond. Maybe I shouldn't always be trying to leave work at 5:30, and look around once and while! :mad:
  11. What is the best park that you have found to fish in Dublin besides Scioto Park?
  12. Not to come across crass, but you could swing a dead cat in Dublin, and which ever pond it lands near is going to have a rediculous amount of gills and sunfish in it. Probably going to have a bunch of runts bass in it, with a handful of bass over 3lbs.
    Not too many people fish in Dublin, or if they do, it's with their kids and Snoopy poles and they toss everything back.

    My kids drop a hook with a hot dog on it in the water, and literally if they don't have a fish on inside the count of 5, they figure something is worng. And usually what happened was a gill nabbed their hotdog of their hook.

    If you pick one off the list posted below, it WILL have tons of pannies in it. No doubt.
  13. Appreciate the heads up. Hey you responded to my Scioto Wadding quesiton a while back and was waiting to hear about those better spots up stream that are 20 miles out. If you could please PM me on those areas. Thanks.
  14. thanks for the great info andyman. you had me pissed yesterday! :mad:
    But you come thru like a seasoned champion in the heart of battle with tons of great post today that's really going to help me out.

    I'm going out thursday across the street from my work to fish for some panfish. Checked it out, was about an acre and half pond. Looked like no one has fished it (no trash around/no hooks-line-bobbers in shrubs ect), dublin has it listed as stocked. should be a good time.
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    I have been fishing the pond in Muirfield (Dublin) that is just south of Memorial Drive on the east side of Muirfield Drive. It is FULL of small gills and HUGE carp, however when I go out with my buddies and not my son, we catch decent bass. I have tried the pond at the rec center and have no luck with bass, but again, tons of gills. You can dip anything into these ponds and catch tiny gills. My son described his first catch at the Rec based on the size of his french fry.

    Benny, what pond is 1.5 acre in Dublin? May be the one I go to as I thought it was the largest in Dublin.
  16. meant to say an acre, maybe half an acre tops. It's a pretty small pond, just take avery, turn on sheir rings headed east, then right on wilcox. It's on the right, at the intersection of Wilcox, Innovation, and Innovation Court.
  17. Welsh Dragon

    Welsh Dragon Old School Member

    Know exactly what you are talking about. My son and I stopped there on Sunday morning. Usually in the Dublin ponds you see the gills from the bank but we didn't see any here so we moved onto the rec pond. Also, I don't know anything about ponds and if this matters, but the water was really blue (dyed blue). I have seen some dudes fishing in that pond, but never seen anyone pull anything, let me know if you have any luck.
  18. yeah, that pond is directly across from the office I work at. I'm just going to fish it for a minute, and hit up some others.
  19. 90% of the gills in the rec center pond are less than 3 inches.
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    You've got a PM
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