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Panfish locations

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by basscatcher82, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys was wondering some locations to get some crappie and bluegill. Just seeing where other people have had good luck catching some keepers of good size. I live in findlay so any good spots in the area?
  2. A little out of my geographic footprint, but I don't think you are far from Indian Lake & Grand Lake. I've fished both on several occassions in the past year. You gotta work for them, but they are there. Caught a 15" crappie out of Grand Lake last year - about early May. Jigging w Chartreuse/black tube & waxworm about 2' deep around riprap.

    I'm sure others will be along to give better advice. Good luck...

  3. We have two of the largest up-ground resevoir's in the state. One is about 345 ac. and the other is around 650ac. There are large numbers of fish in there. I have caught many 14 inch crappie, 18 inch walleye, and 24 inch catfish, and many- many - 15inch white-bass. The biggest thing you have to remember is ~ if their not bitting where your at ~ MOVE ! Some times it's only a 100 yards. There are those days tho that they just won't bite. Give it a shot!
  4. I also fish findlay resevoir alot. I usually only catfish though. I have caught 100's of catfish over 5 pounds and about ten over 10 pounds. I recently caught a nice smallmouth out of it, about 3 pounds. I have never panfished it but most guys go to the south side of res. no. 2(the bigger one) for bluegill. Hope this helped.
  5. There are alot of xmas trees about 20 yards straight out from the floating dock on the west side of #2. That is where we do good on crappie and big bluegill. We do lose a few lures though. also, Fostoria #5 and #6 have great populations of crappie. Her in a couple weekends after the walleye cool down, we'll have to hit the Fo-town waters together.
  6. Never had much luck at Fos.