panfish gear did I do good?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bman123, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I went out and finally got me some new stuf today and would like to know if you guys think it is good for panfish.
    I got a 6ft6 eagle claw featherlite rod in light power
    Quantum array 10 sized reel with both spools in 4lb test
    fishing liscense of course
    maggots,wax worms,and 2 dozen minnows
    I already had bobbers and #4,6,8 aberdeen hooks

    Does it seem ok to you?I spent $97 on it total OTD with 2 vitamin waters
  2. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    For $122 you could have got all that and a twelve pack of beer and a lawn chair. Then you would be set!
    Don't forget sunglasses, to see those darn bobbers, and a drywall bucket for the keepers. Have fun!

  3. sounds like you are all set...wonder how much it would cost to stop this rain? :D
  4. Well we went out today and did horrible.I caught 1 gill my buddy caught 6.All were small and never got any real bites.
    When I got my gill on the light rod my bobber didn't even go under.I only knew it was there when I started reeling in to cast back out.
    I figured it was just too cold so I took off work this coming friday and am gonna try it again.
  5. I hit a pond a week ago with my girlfriend and her daughter for some gill action. It was pretty slow also. Bright sunny day we started out catching them around 5' deep but after 2 hours of the sun being high they has moved to about a 1' deep. We ended up catching about 30 total, my girlfriend's daughter caught the most, which is what its all about. I was on bait and fish removal duty most of the day but managed to catch a few. Another week or so of warm weather and you wont be able to keep em off the hook.