Pandora's Box?

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  1. Hey everyone. Well I may have just opened my own little Pandora's Box! On some of the world wide tackle making sites I have noticed some people that play around with casting resins and foam for making their lures. From day #1 I have always been very interested in this process.

    I was in the Hobby store this weekend and stumbled across this Pandora's Box!


    I don't have any experience in this type of luremaking. I have some friends that have helped me with my questions from TU. (Mr. Husky). Well I guess we can learn together on this one. It may be fun or it will be a crash and burn. Time will tell. LOL

    This little kit seemed to have the basics to get me started. I know with the lures there are many factors that get involved with the resins. Most resins SINK! This can be bad for floating type of lures. I have found out that there are foams that can work that will float and still be hard.

    Believe me..........I am no expert on this. Completely new on this one. I believe some of the guys that visit here may have experimented with this in the past and may help us out on our little adventure.

    Well here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first step in the whole process is to find a body shape or lure you want to duplicate. I made this little fat shad body that I think will work very well on the musky lakes in Ohio. As Vc knows, You can make a lure and run it 10 feet and loose it on a stump or rock. I was hoping I can make the lures fast and try different colors without the fear of loosing the bait that I spent a week making. I found out that last year I was more afraid to loose a bait then catch a fish at times. I relate it to jig fishing for me. If you are not loosing jigs your not where the fish are. LOL
  2. Well one of the first steps is to make the body you want to duplicate. Get it as close to perfect as possible. There many woods to use. I used cherry on this one. I wish I had used balsa. It sands easier!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    After you are happy with it you can start the process as described in the manual supplied in the kit.

    There are 2-piece and one piece molds in am finding out. I am going to try a 2 piece for this one. When creating a mold you use silcone as the form. It is in a liquid form with a catalyst. For the 2 piece you set one half of the lure in clay that is provided. I am going to use a pvc tube that I cut in half as the hard outer shell untill the mold is set in the process.


    You put the shell with the half form together and stand it up on a piece of wood. Wrap clay around the bottom and up the seams to keep the liquid silicone from leaking out. I found this out the hard way! LOL


    The next step is to mix the silicone as per instructions and pour into the mold to the top.


    It takes around 24 hours to set. Tonight I split the mold apart so I can do the other side. I had some extra liquid left after the pour. I took some of the glass eyes I had and made a form with them. I may try resin eyes in the future and now I have a mold of them.


  3. Well I removed all the clay and put what they call a release agent on the first pour side. This prevents the second pour from sticking the to first one. The release agent is brushed on and let to dry.

    I set the pour up the same as the first. I went and poured it and will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happened.:(


    To be continued!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can't tell you how cool I think this is!:D
  5. Neat stuff John. I think you should mass produce your Tony the Tiger walleye lure! LOL.
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    eyesman_01 getting wEYESer every day

    I too have a high interest in this. I'd seen something similar on another site, and it peaked my interest. I'm patiently watching, John. Curious to see how this turns out, and whether or not I can find this kit around my area.
  7. Tigger,

    I always wanted to try this and even got alot of info from Husky at one time, but never pulled the trigger. I am glad you jumped in and can give us all some pointers. You may have seen Musky Dan's baits from TU??? He makes some real great trolling baits and they are all made from molds and foam of some type. He sent me one and they are pretty much indestructable baits.

  8. Tigger - I am all eyes (sorry eyes), great tutorial and pics so far- I'm curious as to what you cast into the mould. I did 3 years as a moulding apprentice so moulding anything really intrests me. Looking forward to seeing how the mould turns out. Go for it .pete
  9. Good luck. I hope it works out. You are right about the pandoras box title. So many more possibilities!
  10. Well I was afraid of this. This whole thing is very very addictive! My favorite part of making a lure is the first one. I get bored fast with multiple ones. This may solve the problem for a little while! LOL:D

    I got home and ran into the basement before I started dinner. I pulled the mold apart and was very pleased how it came out!


    I removed any clay that was left behind and cleaned up any spillage of silicone that ran out. I decided to give it a go with a pour!

    The resin that came in the kit is really not the right stuff for a lure I think. I works if you want a sinking type of lure. Anyhow it gave me some practice at least. The resin is a 1:1 ratio mix. It has a short pot life of only about 3 minutes max. I set the mold back together and inserted some screw eyes in the mold before closing it up. They say to wipe the mold with rubbing alcohol on the inside and to warm the mold up a bit to make sure the resin sets. The alcohol keeps the resin from sticking and makes the silicone last longer. The resin sets with the heat that is created with the chemical reaction of the two parts. I mixed up the stuff and let it rip!!!!!!!!


    You can see that I added a hole in the top of the mold. It is on the back of the bait and allows the air to flow out naturally with the pour. It set in about 3 to 5 minutes! You can see as it sets it turns a creamish color. When the resin is mixed at first it is a motor oil color. It gets a bit warm. around 200 degrees for a short time. Well the anticipation was killing me!!!!!!!!! I decided to open it. Wow was I happy!


    You can see that after you open it there is some finning at the seams and the pour cork at the top. This cleans very easy and is done in less than 2 minutes. A razor blade did most of the trick and a little electric palm sanding and it was done. I did 4 bodies in less than a half hour. I even did a couple of eyes off that mold from the first pour.


    I can cut a lip slot and epoxy it in. I tried some with a nose tie and the other two I will do a line tie on the lip.

    The next thing is to try an expandable type of foam that floats. I will look around the web on some leads I got. I will see what I can find.

    I will try some lips out and have some pics soon!
  11. Hey, hey, HEY! That's cheatin'!!!

    (And I can't wait to try it!:D :D :D :D )

    Couldn't you make a mold with the lip slot in it already, John?

    That is really cool how you can mold the screw eyes right into the bait!
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    Very cool :cool: cranked out 4 and all I got done is added some weights, sanded and sealed one bait...but only my first proto type attempt so going very slowly...even so, 4 baits in a half hour :eek: :eek: tempting as it is to try another method, I must stick to my plan and build the old fashioned are raising the bar again...those baits look like they are ready to paint once you flash and fine sand...can't wait to see how they finish off. Good Job!!
  13. Tigger,

    Was that a kit you bought on line or in a hobby shop? I think you sold me on at least giving it a try....

  14. It is amazing the things that could be done with this stuff.

    This resin sands like wood. It sinks like rock:eek:

    Vince I guess you could have a lip slot also. It would be neat if the resin bonds good to the lip. You may be able to pour and have the lip cast with it at the same time. The way I did it I thought I could cut many different angles to the lip and even turn it into a glider also.

    Rod, I bought this kit a Hobby Town USA. It cost $70. They did have a mini kit also. I think it was $40ish. You may be able to buy direct from the Company. They are located up your way in Michigan. Here is a link to the Company

    They also have a supplier link on the site to help find a local vendor.

    Well off to play with the stuff. I want to try some things out tonight! :D

    Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may be right. :p

    Hey some great news!!!!!!!!! Husky is going to join us here. He has an incredible knowledge of this stuff. We will learn alot!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!
  15. This is on a par with Bob Dylan plugging into an amplifier in 1965!!!!!:confused: Say it ain't so!!!!! I will always cherish your WOOD Musky baits! They will have to pry them from my clenched fists!! You know I am only serious, John!!!!!!
    You could make baits out of recycled diapers, and they would be great!!
  16. Don't worry, luredaddy, he'll be whittling timber again soon. Its in his blood!:D
  17. I know. It isn't the same. Nothing like the wood. I wanted to do something different mostly for the walleye baits and a couple styles for banging on the rocks. I needed a change...............don't forget I live in a log cabin! Wood everywhere!!!!!!!!!:D The cedar chips will be flying soon!:)
  18. John one question for you...did you wire the eyelets to each other for strength or is the resin going to hold the eyelets ok?
  19. They are thread screw eyes in there. I tested how well they held by hanging from the the rafter and my body weight. It held. The stainless eye started to bend first. I did also try to back the screw out. It does. It is like a machined and threaded hole.

    Tonight I am going to play with a simple wire rigging with everything connected. I will make a little wire form and bend the rig. I am making a little walleye bait that I hope to get my first pour also tonight.

    I played around with some things late last night. Some failures. I have picks to share. One hint. I tried to have a wood plug in the center of the pour to lighten it up a bit. Not a good thing! LOL

    I also was playing around with some Bondo to help with the mold.

    I'll post some things later.

  20. Keep it coming, John. This is really fun stuff to read about. So many possibilities.