Pan Fish Lure

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  1. Somebody please show me what a rat fink, ratt fink, or ratfinnki looks like.
    what is the correct spelling, and where to get em. :confused:
  2. Go to and see what they look like. They ship really fast and you'll be happy with what you get. I just placed an order with to get the bigger rats.

  3. A few rat finkees- usually tipped with maggots or waxworms, good all-around panfish lure.

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  4. Should be able to find them at your local Gander Mountain...
  5. make those along with a bunch of other fine lures here in the USA.They comped me a LED flashlight & a pocket tackle box with my last order.The PayPal didn't go through & they called me asking if I still wanted the order [$100]. They have some of the best ice lures around.;)
  6. Thanks for the info, and the photo.