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    Fished palm rd for a couple hours in the late afternoon evening. Stayed just till dark. Ice was 2 inches to 3 and half inches in the few holes I drilled. The snow on top makes it slick also! Still some open water further down to the west, so beware. That will freeze quick and likely get covered with snow. Didn't move around much with the thin ice so didn't do so well. Took 1 small pike and seen a few gills on the camera. BE SAFE! Theres not much ice to go movin around yet!!!!
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    I was there today also and I agree.

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    jay2k and Pikedaddy.......thanks for a heads up report......What you said about ice thickness why mark and I posted that there were going to be those variations until several more cold days had passed....At least you shook off the winter blahs....Hope for better days ahead......Jon Sr.
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    Tried again for a couple of hours off palm rd. And again the ice is still pretty skinny. 2 to 3 inches is all. Around 8 to 10 other anglers today and one shanty was way down past the open water by the island. Thats one long walk on thin ice. Took some small gills and seen some others. Pretty slow. That being said, the ice moves around alot when other guys are walking and I would not venture to close to other fisherman. Tomorrows temps will problaly make the edges weak and unsafe.
  5. With the temps going up and the rain coming down, it's not looking good for developing better ice.

    Be careful out there please.
  6. Looks like another week of yearning anticipation of good ice.

    My big concern: These fluctuating temps & variable early ice conditons will cause guys to venture onto thin ice areas. Suspectible iced over areas that really aren't safe will be tested.

    Unfortunately, I'm certain we'll be hearing of guys falling through the ice within the next week or so.
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  7. Some of the guys on Palm Rd on Saturday that did not have safety ropes nor hand spikes...... THAT'S ABSOLUTE LUNACY!!
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    thanks for the heads up jay, i agree with you. glad you got out for a while. looks like the weather is still in the favor of the ice fisherman after today and tomorrow so we hopefully have good days to look forward to.
  9. I always have my ice spikes, a safety rope, my ice cleats, a boat seat/throw cushion, AND my cell phone locked up tight and dry in a Ziplock bag. Also, this early, I try and go with another fisherman, or at least go to a place where there are others already on the ice. Some guys even wear their lifejackets. There is no shame in being cautious and staying safe when you go out on the ice.

    Also, it's a pretty good idea to keep a change of dry clothes/shoes in your vehicle.
  10. Jay2k that was me way down west of palm by the big island. when i got there at 6 in the morning (by myself) there was a guy in the parkin lot allready. went and talked to him for a few and he said that him and his 3 friends were goin out by the island so i taged with them so i wasn't alone. they left me down there around one cause they weren't catchin but i was so i stayed and waited for my cuz who was commin out later,who i met half way with my spikes just in case something happened. there was 2 1/2-3 out by us the whole way we drilled many test holes while we walked out and the ice wasn't LOUD when we walked the cracks it made were just loud enough to hear. anyways back to the fishing, i caught over 60 all day and never got bored they were comming in waves about every 15min for an hour then there was a 30 min "break" that i used to eat and drink during. not alot of size i only caught 15 "keepers" on Chartruse, black and green(rainbow)front neon glow back pin min from jamminjigs, and a small neon glow moon jig. had to do alot of jiggin to get there attention and the were very aggressive on the bite once they saw the bait. ~Evin~