Pale largemouth?

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  1. While fishing a small shallow pond I caught a few largemouth and noticed they were all pale looking. The fish were pale with a light lateral line.... What causes this color? There is no cover/shade on the pond either. I've heard others say that the lack of cover will cause bass to be pale in color, is this true?
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    yes, and deep water bass are much darker too. bass from under lilly pads are dark. they change with the cover they have available.

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    Bass often become very light in color when they are hanging out in muddy water.
  4. wow i have seen that too! its really weird i saw some it looked like they were turning white LOL. they were pretty small though so i wonder iif it occurs in bigger largemouths as well
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    They take the color of thier surroundings like a Chameleon (sp?) . That's normal.