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  1. OK, am looking at painting my cedar shingle sided house this year for the first time since I bought it in 2000. However, based on the cost, I am wondering if I shouldn't consider vinyl siding?

    We like the look of our cedar shingled house, but don't like the idea of painting it every 10 years or so.

    Suggestions? Oh, and anyone know a reputable sider who could give an estimate in the Cleveland Heights area? Thanks...
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    Siding is really simple to do you would be surprised. I did my own 28x40 building by myself for the most part over weekends and had it done in a few weeks. There are some good website out there on how to do it.

    Just do a search. Tools are a good power miter saw; angled snips; chalk line, level; siding punch which you should be able to pick up for under $200 which is way less than you would pay for labor.

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    I'am sure you will enjoy that maintaince free siding every time you think about staining. Only thing I would ask about is how much does the wood swell and shrink. It might be tough to keep straight.
  4. If "any" shingles show cupping or dry rot - Side It !
    And Yes, you will be WELL advised to strip all the shingles first.

  5. I've been doing siding for 12 years and am good friends with a guy who has been siding for 30 yrs. Let me know and I can hook you up with him.
  6. I suggest painting the cedar. Not only does it look better than vinyl but it is more desirable if you keep it maintained.
  7. The cedar siding is still in good condition, so painting it still an option. I do like the appearance of the shingles, so may just go for the painting option. I do plan to pay someone to scrape, paint, and hang from the scaffolding of the third floor of my 1927 colonial. Thanks for the feedback, though.
  8. If you do use siding, make sure that the boxes all have the same lot# because different runs have different shades.
    You won't notice the difference at first, but the second year the colors will change. White siding and color trim don't show up as bad...

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    I would also think that you would be lowering to value of the house if you installed vinyl siding.

    I would have thought that the cedar shingles would have been stained and not painted.

    How much maintenance can you have completed on the cedar shingles for the cost of installing vinyl siding?
  10. They make ceader shake look alikes out of vinyl now. Same look no painting.
  11. as far as staining, my house was painted when i bought it. i have friends in the Heights who also have painted cedar shingle sided homes. i did see one house in the neighborhood that was re-sided with new, stained cedar shingles and that did look pretty nice. i checked with the wife and she's not a fan of the siding in this case. Thanks for everyone's feedback...
  12. An old quote from a contractor friend: Wood is wonderful but vinyl is final.
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    I have a western style bungalow,that I blast stripped all the over hangs on, and stained solid color oil base 19 years ago.They look like the day that I did them.I couldn't bring myself to close them in with soffit.The dormer on the front, I sided in vinyl shake that matches the original shake very good.That keeps me off the roof for painting.The second floor stiil is holding the primer and paint that I put on it 16 years ago with nothing but fading.(Oil primer over oil paint with oil finish.)The first floor is brick, which is a different story all together.It looks good,but doesn't insulate for #@#%... Windows and doors help,but it still gets hot in the summertime.

    Good luck with your decision.The more maintenance free the happier you will be.
    BUT...Don't take the character away from the house that you bought,because you loved it!!!