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Painter For Hire

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Richs63Corvair, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Well I was informed this afternoon that my boss is going on vacation for 3 weeks and didn't set up any work for me or the other 2 guys. I am willing to do some painting [interior or exterior] for anyone that needs it, that is within a 50 mile radious of me. I also powerwash decks if needed done also. Thanks...........The Guy Who Is Bumming For 3 Weeks......... Rich
  2. Sounds like you got 3 weeks to go fishing! Just kidding.

    Sounds like you work for a small operation? Not very considerate of your boss to not have any work lined up for ya.

  3. I would use the next 3 weeks to look for another job. :mad:

  4. Rich,

    Not sure if you are interested but I'll throw this out anyway....

    I close on my house monday 6/21/04... Ocala Florida. 1600 sq ft. 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage with an inground pool. The people smoked so the interior needs painted, ceilings and walls.

    I'll buy the materials and supply you with a place to stay (the house I bought). I can't fish during the week, work 8-5, but there are a ton of lakes and piers around to wet a line. When the weekend comes I'll take you out fishing on my boat (26' walkaround) on the gulf of mexico (grouper, cobia, shark, etc..)

    In return... Paint the interior of my new home, ceilings and walls.

    Let me know

  5. Wife says I can't go..........LOL..........Rich
  6. Wow!!! Not sure I would admit that on a public forum, especially with this crowd!!! :D :D

    Since I am going to be stuck doing the painting myself, what do you recommend I use paint wise? What brand goes on and covers the best? Should I use a primer like Kills to get rid of the smoke or will the paint cover/mask the scent?

  7. Were all family in this crowd. .....LOL......... I would go ahead and use a primer due to the smoke. What color are the walls now ? Staying that color or going to a different one ? I always try to use Sherwin Williams paint but paint from True Value is good also. P/M me with any more questions that you might have or think of. Thanks..... Rich
  8. Dingo


    Wash the walls with hot water and TSP (comes in a milk carton-type package). Rinse well, dry, then paint. The color of the water that drips from the wall during the first cleaning will suprise you (black). A Kilz type product isn't really necessary unless you are painting with light colors and the wall is stained -- it's pretty expensive for overall use on walls.
  9. thanks dingo, I'll have to check that stuff out...
  10. Could use some help painting some ceilings but its only a days work. I'd pay you at the end of the day. Probably to far, but I thought I'd throw it at ya anyway.
  11. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Kilz is only $8.44 a gallon at Home Depot. Cleaning the walls will help a little on the stains/smell. But, the nicotine from the smoking soaks through the paint and drywall.

    The best thing to do is Kilz everything that is going to be painted first. You can even have the paint shop tint the Kilz to the color of the finish coat.

    I've painted some houses in the past that had no visible stains from smoking (nicotine), but once the water based (latex) paint was applied, it pulled the nicotine right through the paint. The next day there were little nicotine droplets all over the ceilings and walls.

    Best thing is to do it right the first time. No sense showing up the following day, only to see that you've wasted a days labor, not to mention the material at upwards of $28 a gallon.
  12. Maybe Hetfieldinn and me should get a painting business together....LOL......... Rich
  13. Anyone do roofing??? I need a new roof on my garage...If you do it, I'll let you stay at Stinky Finger's place in Florida, transportation not included. Jason will even take you fishing!!! Thanks Jason!!!!

  14. Hey Stinky,ocala Fl.///i Was There About 5 Yrs Ago To Fish Rodman Reservoir..great Bass Fishing///////
  15. Rodman is right around the corner from here...


    I thought you did that garage roof 2 years ago??? Have a roofing party, keg of beer and a couple pots of gumbo!!!