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Paint Saturday

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by traphunter, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Went to paint all day sat. and got sime of dink channels and some carp. I again seen alot of small cats taken out of there, both channels and flats. :mad: I managed to catch one small flat myself. ALL of our fish went back in the water. :cool:
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    By August there wont be any fish left in there, till next spring when we get alot of heavy rains and the open the tunnel agin.....I have got to stay away from there for awhile, I always leave in a bad mood.

  3. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I hear ya man, it seemed like where ever we went the meat hunters followed us. We ended up about a mile downstream from the spillway. The holidays must bring out all the dummys because I seen literally collers full of small channels and flats. Yes, I even seen a moron have a bunch of flats on a stringer. Its the same guy that I always see catching them. I bet none of them were over 5lbs. Maybe we should hook up this fall and find ourselves a hidden spot WAY down stream. Like maybe where paint creek and rocky fork creek come together. ;)
  4. I fished the spillway on Friday morning. I was trying for some carp, but could not keep the small channels off of the Wheatie balls long enough to get any carp. I was also shocked to watch many people keeping very small cats (some could not have been over 10”). I fished there for over three hours, and did not see anyone release any fish that they caught (excluding the cats that I caught). I did think about trying one of the smaller channel cats for bait. Anyone ever use small (6") channels for bait?
    I fished Rocky Fork Creek for some smallies just upstream from the 50 bridge to the confluence with Paint Creek. I did not find any smallies, but did catch a TON of spots and rock bass. Just upstream on Paint Creek (from the confluence) does look like a nice spot for some big cats to hide. Although, there were about 200 gar in that pool. I was actually looking for an island in that area from which to do some catfishing.
  5. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Trap, this fall I will take you to one of my spots on the scioto if you want.
  6. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    Yes it its hard to keep the small channels off your hooks at times. I got all of my carp in the current about 200 yards down from the tube, right between 2 boulders. I think we caught 6, and missed probably twice as much.

    Hey flathunter that sounds good, have you ever tried brush creek for cats? :)