paint creek?

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    was wondering if anyone has been fishing paint recently it should be about ready to start heating up. i have been to the spillway a few times here recently with not much luck at all. just wondering if anyone else has been to anything?
  2. I will be there Sunday at around 7:00 am with another ogfer acklac. I will post our resuts. Looks like they started releasing water yesterday. Hopefully this will get things going. If anyone has any news on the spillway advice would be appreciated. Also I will be wearing a black carhart and a green gander mnt hat. If you see me stop by and say hey.

  3. My two buddies and I fished it for three hours this morning. No saugeyes. Lots of dead and dying gizzard shad and small crappies. Water looked good.
  4. What's going on at Paint Creek?I fished there 6times on different weekends this season without a bite,and saw only a few people fishing. It used to be shoulder to shoulder,and fish in there.Does it look like it will improve in the future?
  5. Got skunked at paint creek today. Fished from 1:30-4:30 and not even a bite. Several snags. There were a few guys catching crappie with minnows but no saugeye.
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    Not really spillway fishing...floated today - Blain to Alum Cliff, I tried every different bait but had no success, water was about 45d I'd say, we fished as slow as possible, it was stained, level dropping, and windy, but I was on the creek so my day was fairly good except my bald ash head got burnt...:S
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    Paint creek spillway fishing has been off the last couple of seasons because of low water. It may improve this season we will have to see how the rain gods treat us.
  8. Try calling Cole's bait shop on Route 50. It is just down the road from the spillway, and they will give you accurate information.
  9. crappie fished it Saturday and caught some....just a few that was over 12" seemed to be on the ledges in deeper water....campground area was full of people fishing...probably 20-30 at least....don't know if they were catching anything though
  10. Was the crappie hitting at the campground area? or somewhere else?
  11. I caught most of mine just down the lake on a rock bank about like the one at the campground....if I had to guess I would say yes, these 2 days will only help....but I am not sure, didn't fish it because of all the people
  12. Went down to paint last night and caught some nice catfish in the lake.