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Paint Creek info

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jkeeney20, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I am heading to Paint Creek Lake this coming weekend for a few nights! Want to get into some night catfishing and was needing some advice. I do quite well in the river systems around here, been catching 10-20 lb fish pretty easy with 2 a few lbs over 30, but have no clue to lake fishing. Never really gave it a shot. I also fish some tourney's at rocky and paint creek for some honey holes in the rivers and lakes for certain things I would be willing to give away for some of your own at paint creek (flathead catfish holes that is), or at least some ideas...floats, bottom, baits, etc...? I use mostly live gills and sunfish in the rivers I fish with good success...any info would be great! pm me if ya can...Thanks!
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    Down by the camping area around the Island and the inlet by the camping area is WORTH the try...Also, Rattle Snake creek , off rt 753 is a very good spot at times for flatheads...easily accessible and TONS of bank spots if you are banking it. Good Luck ..... THE CATKING !!!