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I met up with Traphunter yesterday evening and we fished for about 3 hours. We caught about 25 crappie (2 big ones), a few channel cats, and a few baby bass. We didn't find the best crappie spot until about the last hour. Had we been there the whole time I think we would have caught even more.

That was the first time I fished with Traphunter. He is a real nice guy and a good fisherman to boot.

Hey it was nice to meet up with you also woodsmen! I really enjoyed meeting you and getting some fishing time in. Thanks alot for taking me out on your boat.

One thing that you forgot to mention was who caught the most and biggest fish.:D Just razzin ya! ;)

You should stick around on this board for awhile and explore the other forums also. I think that you will really enjoy them. See ya later.
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