Paddlefest 6-28-08 PB Hybrid off the Kayak

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    Fought the wind for the 8.1 miles from Coney Island to the Serpentine wall as part of the 1000+ boat Paddlefest event. Decided I would also do some trolling. Hooked into this guy trolling a jointed shad rap down stream about 3 MPH. 25" Hybrid (at first glance I thought it was a true striper, but upon closer examination I think its a hybrid). Anyway, the fish was thick and probably about 7 lb. Fought him for about 1/4 mile downstream. Only fish of the day.


    Also saw a 4 ft paddlefish swimming around like a shark with its dorsal and tail fins clear out of the water; must have been injured.
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    Nice fish! Wish I had the means to fish more often, I'd chase those guys.

    Paddlefish eat plankton, the one you saw was probably feeding. They do get hit by boats occasionally beacause of this fact though. My dad found one that had just been hit in the Ohio and was in perfect shape. Had it mounted. Cool fish.

  3. Your picture is rather small, but I'm betting pure striper just by looking at his shape and size - long and narrow!

    Hybrids are higher backed than that.
  4. Its a nice fish no matter which species it is, especially for the conditions it was caught.

    I thought about trolling during Paddlefest but I talked myself out of it due to the crowd and the fact I didn't have a clue which lure to troll at the anticipated speed. With the debris in the water and the brutal head wind for the second half of the trip I was happy with my decision.
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    Darn nice fish regardless. I too am kinda thinking it's a pure striper, but the photo could be decieving by the angle you're holding him and I do see some broken lines. Great idea of trolling while at Paddlefest!
  6. i like the idea of trolling paddlefest, who knows what you would catch. plus i think that is a fat true not a hybrid, the head and mouth look more like a true, and it has very few broken lines (not the best way to tell because trues can also have many broken lines) the paddlefish is an awesome sighthing, they are a bizzarre fish, they will as said feed at the surface, i have also seen them jump, its a crazy sight looking over and seeing a 4ft paddlfish crashing down
  7. Nice fish Brian!
    I would never have considered trolling with all those other yaks and canoes, WTG!
  8. great looking fish. hopin i can land one like that soon!
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    Nice Fish. What a fight.