Pacific/Hornady 366 reloader (w 28 ga.plate)

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    This Pacific/Hornady 366 ~ is a progressive 8 station shotgun shell re loader that can really crank out the little 28 ga. shells..(or you can set it up with a plate for other gauges).It is an automated setup that turns a shell out with every pull of the bar.You simply drop a wad and add a hull and pull the bar!.Everything else auto feeds..I have not reloaded much in the last few years but it is in good working order..Nothing broken ~~but it may need reset/calibrated.
    It is comparable to the fastest(non air driven) Mec as I remember it..I do have several different powder and shot drop tubes that go with it..I also have some lead shot/wads/hulls and primers that can go with it.(not sure of exact numbers or amounts therein)..Any questions please feel free to$180.00 OBO....OR possible trade for a good automated pistol type re loader..OR a Good working newer model digital trail cam..Or a nice 8/9 weight fly rod and reel??....ask away with a good trade...........Len.......There are 2 of these on Ebay listed ~new for $580.00 each!!!!
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