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PA Trout Fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by lakeslouie, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Going to PA to catch some trout (hopefully) this weekend. Hope to have a story or 2. Anyone else going? Good stories welcome here. Good Luck!:G :G
  2. ShutUpNFish

    ShutUpNFish FishBum

    I actually live in PA and I take the kids out to the Slippery Rock Creek here. Its sort of a tradition...I used to do it as a kid myself with my dad. I since have somewhat got out of trout fishing because of the crowds, but credit it to my fishing passion for sure, thanks to dad. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Where are you headed in PA? We used to go the first weekend, but the crowds and crappy weather make us push back until may and first week of June. Then there are no crowds, the weather is awesome and there are plenty of fish.
  4. Keith R

    Keith R One On The Turn

    I will be heading to Volant in the morning. Downstream of the covered bridge. Have had some luck there in the past.
  5. we head up to warren and forest county and fish the areas up there.

    Keith, I see your from Boardman. I grew up in Canfiel and now live in columbus. I have a lot of great memories cruising 224.

  6. Keith R

    Keith R One On The Turn


    Two weeks will be heading up that way. A friend of mine has a camp in Youngsville, PA and we will be fishing the Brokenstraw Creek. If weather is rainy and the streams are unfishable, we will hit below Kinszu dam. On the way home we stop and fish Drake's Well. Did real good there last year.

    As for Rt. 224, they still have the weekend car shows at A&W on the corner.
  7. we are going to fish the brokenstraw the week of may 16th. We are also going to fish the Tionesta creek, salmon creek and the E/W Hickory creeks. We have a cabin in Tidioute.

    I thought they still had the car shows there. I wish I had a dollar for every time I ate at Taco Bell or drove up and down 224.
  8. The bite was tough but managed a limit each day. :) We usually use small spinnerbaits and do well. This year however, they would only bump them and not commit. I think the cold waters had them a bit sluggish. As much as I hate to do it, I finally started drifting salmon eggs and caught some fish. Actually did much better this morning than opener. We fish the first fork of the Sinnemahoning river in Cameron Co when fishable. It was. When not fishable we sometimes go to Stevenson Dam (reservoir) or hit local headwater streams for some brook trout. Some are stocked, some are native fisheries. Usually there are some crowds to contend with but the weather forcast scared off alot of folks apparently. Heck I only saw 1 guy all morning today and a bald eagle. Also saw about 75 elk driving home. Just a nice getaway. We also try to go back in May for some fly-fishing. I go for the frustration!!! Trout will be jumping all over and I never seem to have the fly thats hatching at the time.:( But thats a whole nother ball game. Usually get a few on an Adams though. A fly fisher I'm not but have fun trying!! So how was your weekend???

    Was reading my rules booklet Fri evening and noticed I had to buy an additional Lake Erie stamp to go there or any of its tributaries. This was the only thing that pissed me off the whole weekend! How much more can PA merchandise their fishing? God only knows. That makes me want to cancel the Presque Isle trip later this summer. This subject could be a whole new thread!
  9. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I used to spend a lot of time up there fishing those same waters you are talking about. Later in the spring, after all the stocked trout are fished out, you can drive upstream of Stevenson Dam to the 'Fish for Fun' stretches in Potter County. That's a great place to learn. Usually there are a lot of trout and the visibility is good so you can see their reaction to your offerings. I might have to make a trip up there next weekend. Thanks for getting me fired up!
  10. just got back from good ol' coudersport in potter Co. did great fished in front of the cabin and limited out both days everyone had a blast and some still there wish i was!!!! alot of nice ones this year and mostly rainbows caught them all on hook and wax worms good luck all going to try the fairview gravel pits these week looks like some warmer weathers comming back to the area
  11. i heard they are stocking rainbows below the kinzua dam this true?
    i spent most of my teenage years limited out below the dam morning then night. and enjoying the views, getting my first trout on flys, and never knowing what you had on the end of the line.
  12. oh cabin is only a few miles up 62 from tidioute...right pass on the old wildwood inn on the east side. can't wait to get up there!
    what do you recommend for summer fishing up there as far as trout goes? i usually just go for smallmouth in the river.
  13. ShutUpNFish

    ShutUpNFish FishBum

    hammered the stockies with the kiddos Saturday...had fun. I just can't wait for this weather to finally BREAK!!!!
  14. Dumbagain,
    Our Cabin is 1 mile above the tidioute overlook on rt 337. Small world. Do you ever fish the Tionesta, Salmon or Hickory creeks?

  15. Rebu, I have fished there before. Its great! Over the years I have fished just about everywhere in Potter and Cameron Co. Truly God's Country!! I even take the kids to Prouty Trout farm in the summer to get enough for a fish fry. Good luck in your quest and let us know how you did. :G
  16. ski
    fished hickory years ago with a little luck but that was in the dog days of summer, early in the morning.
    i want to hit up the tionesta this spring and summer, i'll let you know how it goes.
  17. i grew up fishing bradys run for trout before i moved to cincinnati i still fly fish every now and then up at vollant my dad still lives in ellwood city he actually writes for the ledger i want to come back to pa and do some fishing again i started at morane at lake arthur let me know if any of you guys ever wanna go in pa.
  18. How late in the summer do you go up there? I might be able to give some advice depending on how late in the summer.

  19. i usually can pick some trout up all summer long across from the camp but its a challenge and potter co lives up to its name GODS COUNTRY i love prouty trout farm the owners are nice and let you feed thier fish too