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PA trout fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Genoknave, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Hello, I plan on taking a long weekend at the end of july and want to go to PA for some trout fishing. I've never been trout fishing and just have a few questions. Do they generally bite in the summer? Any rivers you recommend? I'd like to keep it on the north western side of the state. If you happen to know of a PA forum like this one that would be great as well. I did a few searches but came up empty handed. Thanks
  2. try
    I use the site all the time. It is just like this website. They have an area for fishing.
    I have been trout fishing NW PA for a long time now. Trout fishing is almost impossible after June due to the streams warming up so much. One area you might try is the outflow of the Kinzua Dam in Warren. Other than that, I'm not sure for trout. join that site and ask around.

  3. Youghiogheny River thats were me and my grandfather always trout fish and yes we have caught them good in the summer time.. its always a good time never been let down
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    chaunc Staff Member

    2,398 is an excellent site to find good trout waters. Click on the discussion page and the first 6 topics relate to trout fishing. Look for a guy named eggsac. He's a moderator there and can help you very much.
  5. I have enjoyed pretty good luck in Oil Creek in the summertime. The fish will be concentrated in the deeper water and are more susceptible to nymphs than to dry flies. In addition to the websites mentioned by others, there are a number of books on Pennsylvania trout streams with information including hatch charts. A lot of the smaller streams have a nice dependable Trico hatch in July and August which will lure fish to the surface. Good luck!
  6. thanks everyone for the help, i appreciate it :)
  7. You may want to consider Kettle Creek in Potter County. It's in the north central part of the state.