Pa.State Record Perch 2001

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  1. What do you think of this Perch...Pa. State Record ...Feb. 6, 2001...

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    A 2-pound 9-ounce ..yellow perch.. has been named the new state record for the species by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

    The perch , measured 16.25 inches long, was caught by Keith Meck of Marcungie, while ice fishing at Beltzville Lake, Carbon County on February 9, 2000. Meck had the fish weighed on a certified scale. The fish weighed 1 once more than the 2 pound 8 ounce record perch caught by Anthony A. Karuzie at Hunters Lake, Sullivan County in 1992...

    A Commission volunteer supplied Meck with an application- but accidently provided him with the wrong form. As a result, the perch was initally entered into the Angler Award Program logs. The error was eventually discovered, some of the information needed to confirm the fish as a new record was not immediately available...

    "Fortunately , Mr Meck was able to produce most of the missing information. And after a thorough review,they were happy to certify his fish as a new state record. We've headr of the big one that got away, but this may be the first state record that almost got away because of confusion over paperwork" said Carl Richardson, who coordinates the program for the Commission.....'Unquote"

    Just look at the girth of that Perch..What a fish to bring up through a hole in the Ice... .....Jim.....:B

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    that would make a samich :)
  4. The color's on that fish are fantastic also....Jim.....
  5. Great colors, and look at the fat belly!!
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    looks like the perch we catch up in northern ontario.color wise that is,not the size!
  7. Dang that fish is as fat as my old lady ...hehehe and i love her oh my
  8. Thanks for almost making me spit coffee all over my computer! LOL
  9. Junkyardbass ..I almost did they same..Just set my coffee cup down and swallowed it before I read it...Oldmancat..Be careful what you say about her..My wife has gone on OGF a couple times just to see what we are talking about..She is not an outdoor person her outdoor activity is playing in the flower beds...But she still get's nosey at times...Jim...
    P.S. We are talking about the perch's belly..