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    Okay, im prob going to catch some heat for this but is is still &^%@#$%# ^%$%^ &%&%^&)@$%%%$! me off. but am i blowing up for nothing...
    I was out steelhead fishing this past Sat. and was in the same hole all day and felt that the bite was going down so i moved up river to another hole...
    well this hole is about 300 feet long and about 40 feet wide with good flow... well i got there you can see a p.a. guide with two people he had out with him fishing the bottom tail out. so i thought i would go across and fish the head of the run.... Well i hit 2 fish right off the bat, and the next thing you know i had one guy 2 feet on my right and the guide and the other guy 2 feet from my left..... They were throwing there lines above me and below me so i couldnt get my line wet:mad: So i asked in a good manner if they could please move down and give me some space because i was there first and respect my fishing space!!!! Well this guide just blew up, telling me this wasnt your river and his guys wasnt moving and started name calling and swearing at me, and i was trying to keep my cool as i got 2 more steel while they were tring to run me out of the hole. Well seeing how i ran out of sacks, i had single egg patterns i could throw, so i thought i would ask one more time if they could get off my back and give me some room, and the guide told me to go *%&# my self. So i told him off because i couldnt hold it in nore more and told him to take his guides back to p.a. and was telling the two guys they should get there $$$$ back because they were there for about a hour messing with me and they only got one steel while they were there.. So i said fine you win and i started walking across the river and i said to myself this is bullsh*t and im not going with my tail between my legs, so as alot of people know me and what i would do in this scene, i picked up the biggest boulder i could pick up and tossed it in right in the middle of there hole and said there ya go, lets see if your a good enough guide to fish with preasure and i left laughing my but off......
    Am i in the wrong for being peed off about that or was i okay to let the pa guide know just because he can do that in pa where its natural to fish holding hands with the guy next to you, 95% of ohio fisherman give there space and respect the guy who was there first..... Give me some thoughts fellas and let me know if i blew up for no reason.
    Thanks..... Bob
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    Bob, where were you fishing? If you were fishing any of the PA tribs, you should have expected that bull**** to happen. It's called combat fishing and i refuse to do it. That rock you threw in the hole..... i'd have hit the guide in the head with it.:mad: YOU SEE.... thats why i don't steelhead fish. I've wanted to go for 3 years now but after seeing the pictures of guys shoulder to shoulder and reading the posts on the fisherie discussion and reports boards, no way in hell i'm going near those streams. Congrats for keeping your cool as long as you did. NOT FOR ME.

  3. steelheadBob

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    no, i was in a ohio river 25 miles from pa
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    sounds like something i would have done,maybe even pitched one at the guide . in my younger years though.
  5. snag


    bob,you did fine by me,thats pretty bad when a guide can,t find fish for his clients without hoarding in on someones spot,i like going late fall on the grand where i might see one or two other guys all day,even on a weekend it may be a mile walk past good water but i get to fish by myself most of the time.....
  6. That's a pretty funny story. I wish I could have been there with you. I usually don't say anything if I'm by myself, but I don't think you did anything wrong. What kind of guide cusses someone out in front of their clients anyways? I think that tells you a lot about him. You should have gone back to your car and gotten a spoon and just chucked it across their lines and said "oops".
  7. Chauncy: i fished a trib in western pa (not conneaut) thursday that was loaded with fish and saw about 10 other anglers all day. Some days it is more crowded but we fished from daylight till 2:30 or so. I don't like crowds any more than you do but if you can avoid walnut or elk it can be a little better. I know you love your crappie fishing but nothing takes off like a hooked steelhead. I can't guarantee sucess but if you want to meet up and fish to try it let me know.
  8. Unfortunately, this is pretty typical, guide or not. After asking the first time for a bit or room (and hearing their response about a "public river"), I would have asked if they are done fishing the tailout then move down there. Nothing P.O.s someone that crowded you out more than moving to where they were and catching something there. Paying someone to have someone do this to you must be worse (perspective of the guide's clients).

    Throwing rocks in the water? Unfortunately, that sometimes starts a bite by dislodging hiding fish. Could backfire and help their bite.
  9. i cant stand it when people crowd me in, and as much as i would like to steelhead fish crowds turn me off. im sorry you had to run into someone that rude, but atleast you outfished them, most of the time if someone crowds you (i've found atleast) they are not as good a fisherman. if a guide crowds you just keep pulling out fish off of his clients, as long as you where there first. if he cant put people on fish and they are biting you should tell him to retire.
    as for throwing a rock...tut-tut, shame on you, now if i go up there i'll probably snag it:)
  10. Now that's funny, I wish I could of seen his face when you threw that rock.
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    you showed more restraint than i could have. to come to my spot(you were there first, its your spot) crowd and cuss at me....yea, my rocks just might have went a bit further.
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    I loved the part about the boulder in the hole.;) I'd have fouled thier lines every chance I had.
  13. steelheadBob

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    dude, they were so pee'ed when i threw that rock in there, it had to be atleast 50 lbs...
  14. Wow. that guide sounded like a real jerk. i think u did the right thing.
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    I think that you did what a lot of us wouldn’t do but would have liked to at one time or another. From all of us laid back guys who have been in your situation ether on the river, on the bank of a lake or in a boat and had people flock in next to ya as soon as you start to catch fish, thanks.
    A 50 lb rock…. I love it !
  16. exactly. i'm always the one who's driving away thinking 'man, i wish i woulda threw a boulder in the water and ruined their good time'

    ...thanks for following through bob :D