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  1. What started as a routine physical is turning into a triple by-pass anD a heart (mitral) valve repair/replace. I'm 55, quit smoking in '93, at most 10 lbs over weight and eat relatively low/reduced fat diet. Ya' just never know. I have to see a surgeon on the 19th and I guess he'll schedule me then.

    At first I was a little bumbed, but it beats the little woman from finding out in an autopsy report.;) Well deer season is over just as it's getting good but maybe I can get on the water a time or two before the big day. I guess I have 6-8 weeks recovery, so maybe I can get out the last couple of weeks of the season, or maybe there'll be some safe ice by then.

    Anyway if YOU"RE OVER 50, get those check-ups it may SAVE YOUR LIFE.
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    sounds like your physical gave you some good news and bad news. the good news is that that you caught it before it was too late:) you know the bad news, surgery:( good luck and speedy recovery. like you said..get those physicals. im in my mid 40's and have been getting one for years. never knew i had high blood pressure until i got my first one and now its under control.

    crappiedude, take it easy and we will see you on the water next season:)

  3. Sorry to hear the news, but glad to hear it's not too late....

    Keep us up to date on how everything is going, and we will definately kep you in our prayers for a safe & successful surgery, an quick recovery.....
  4. up side.....you'll be ready for spring fishin.

    best of luck.
  5. thanks for the support, I'm sure all will be fine. My fishing/hunting buddy is already talking about a trip to Weiss late Feb or early March. It's going to be a long Winter.
  6. Glad you caught it early rather than it catching you. Just keep a positve attitude and it will all work out faster than you think. Good Luck and get well soon.:)