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Outlook Express problem

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Matt D, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Having a problem with an email that came into Express today. Best I can tell is that while the message was being received we had the power go out and it "corrupted" the email??? Now whenever I click on the message to open, try to move or do anything with it it locks up Outlook Express and shows that it isn't responding. There is nothing wrong with the email as the guy that works with me got the same email but wasn't receiving it when the electric went out.

    Appreciate any help.

    Matt D
  2. I do very little with Outlook Express anymore so I am going to try and test my memory a bit.:rolleyes:

    I believe there is a file for inbox that may be corrupted. You can try to remove the Inbox file fomr the system (actually I would rename it to keep for restoring if needed) and let the system create a new file. I know that it is in your local settings and application data area. I believe it is labeled as "Inbox.???". I know this is a bit vague. I will see if I can find any more info on it.

  3. You gotta love the Internet!!

    I found this description that pertains to repairing the Outbox but the same principle should apply to the Inbox. I hope this helps.

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  4. I have the same problem as Matt. I have am email in my inbox and anytime I click on it, It locks up Outlook Express,,,,, :( Stan
  5. Brian,

    Thanks a bunch. That fixed it.

    Matt D

    Stan - I just moved all my other emails from my inbox to a new temporary file so when it created the new inbox I moved them right back to the inbox and deleted the temp. file.
  6. That is good news Matt! That is a good idea about moving the messages out and back in. I was going to suggest exporting them to a ".PST" file and then importing them to the new file but I was not sure whether that would clear up the problem message.
  7. I just Deleted the Inbox!!!! Bad Email gone!!!! Thanks!!! :D Stan