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  1. I'm looking for a place to stay for the end of July in the outer banks. Any recommendations would be helpful. My wife and sister-in-law want to pretty much soak in the sun and my brother and I would like to do a bit of fishing, beach or pier and possibly a charter if we can find one reasonably priced. I have read some of the previous OBX post, but need someone to at least direct us into the right area or better yet recommend a place to stay. We like to go out for dinner and possibly hit up a local pub at night. We don't want to be in the heart of it all, but are not looking to be the only ones on the beach either. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. A good place for food is at the south end at the fiery loading dock, don't remember the name. A party place and night night is on Ocraccoke island, several late night spots. You have to surf fish at the point out from the lighthouse, our son caught several spiceies, red drum, shark. Never know what you will catch, its where the northern waters meet the southern flows and anything can turn up. If you don't have a surf rod, they sell open face spinners under $50 w/20lb test, or a 6 - 7' catfish rod will do. Put on a 1oz weight and bait fish, which is larger than I keep here, and your good to go. BUT, to get to the point you can drive on the beach but must have a 4x4.

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    Try Hatteras Island. Good fishing can be found from one end of HI to the other, there are certainly people and things to do, but not crowds like you might find around Nags Head / Kitty Hawk (which are still not really crowds at all if your ever been someplace like Myrtle Beach). There are a couple of piers, there are charters and headboats that go out of Hatteras, and the surf fishing is the best (lol - your experience may vary..."you shoulda been here last week") The village of Avon is pretty centrally located and has the most "stuff" around, like the only large grocery store, a few more restaurants, etc. There are many rental cottages to choose from, as well as some condos and a few motels. You certainly should be able to find something to fit your budget. Header is absolutely right, to drive on the beach you must have 4x4, and make SURE to air down. 20 PSI will suffice for most areas, this spreads out your tire's footprint so it rides on top of the sand, rather than digging in, and will not in any way harm your tires. There are numerous closed areas right now due to some bird nesting activity and some over-zealous environmentalists wanting to take away access to our national park lands, but still areas with access and fishing. For more info try Red Drum Tackle's website and fishing foruims (it wouldn't let me post the url, but you can Google it).

    oh....and write your congressman and senators! Your beach, river, lake or pond could be next!
  4. i have stayed in frisco for the last fifteen years and it is great, pier right there and close to all the other villages. night life is pretty limited on the island lol, there is soundside in buxton that is open late but everything else kind of closes early. there is a state store though so have fun at the cottage. right now there is a ban on open fires and the beach is super soft. i leave on july 3 give a report when i get back
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    I always stay in Buxton and will be there july 13.A couple of good places to stay there are the cape hatters motel and the light house view motel both are on the beach and are resorts they have pools and rooms that overlook the surf.The cape hatters hotel is pricey but its real nice and the wife prefers it to most of the places we have stayed. Right in buxton is a bait shop called red drum and tackle or RDT and they can set you stright on things ask for a guy named jam he can put you on the fish. www.reddrumtackle.com is the web site check it out they have links to the hotels on there site.