Outer Banks!

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  1. Heading to the outer banks next week. Been reading a lot of previous threads but wanted to ask again. Don't remember where i'll be staying but I can drive anywhere. Never salt water fished before either. Just shore fishing. Was wondering how to go about this. I see licenses aren't that much $$$ which is good. I wouldn't mind buying a cheap salt combo either. Any good tackle shops to get too? Any piers or surf areas you guys like? Never surf fished before, would be fun. Also, any fish down there make good table fare? Going to be renting a house with a few other families, and would be nice to bring home some dinner. Also, any good terminal tackle advise or sites you guys recommend? Wasn't going to go fishing but now that i've been looking around I think it'd be dumb not to. Oh, I will be there a week.
  2. red drum tackle in buxton is great, frisco rod and gun in frisco is good too. they are both on the southern end of the hatteras island. frank and frans is in avon which is about mid point on the island. tw's there are a few of them up in the nags head and killdevil hills area. all of them should be able to help you get set up without breaking the bank. only thing is red drum doesnt sell liscense. reddrumtackle.com is the site i check for info down there. hope this helps

  3. TW's in Nags Head will set you up and put you on fish. Keep it simple and enjoy.
  4. Check out Avon. i think its the best