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  1. Need a little help concerning digital cameras. I did the 35mm thing back in the 80"s, but have no knowledge of what to look for in a digital camera to be used for photographing fish (CPR) and also wildlife at various distances.
    Any help with informative websites and/or especially your personal experiences & recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You - Snagman
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    depends, if you just want a camera to take nice pictures, but is also small and durable, go with a regular ol digital, the mega pixels are high now by standard, once you get into 6+ megapixel you can't even tell a difference in that and higher. just depends on quality of camera and manufacturer

    now, if you want a real nice camera that is a little bulkier and fragile but want to have the options to change settings and do more in depth photography, go with a Digital SLR camera. bought one for the girlfriend a few years back and am blown away by the quality

  3. I read a article about the cameras the point and shoot 1's that most have, has a very small chip in it even tho it might be a 10 meg or better thats good if u are doin photos but u will notice the pix when u start doin large prints, with the slr lense since its a full body camera even tho the camera might be a 6 meg, the chip in it bigger and have seen the same pic takens with a P&S camera and 1 with the SLR u can tell the difference when u have a large print.

    The down fall is the camera is bulky but price wise if u were to get all the lenses adaptors needed for the P& S camera the cost would be about the same as a SLR
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    I bought a Nikon D50 Digital SLR to take to Alaska in '07. It was great for wildlife and scenery pics. Also got the 300mm zoom lens which lets you get good long-distance shots. Be sure to use a tripod or monopod for high-zoom shots so the camera is still.
    I've also heard good things about the Canon digital SLRs.

  5. Im like you looking for a good all around small digital camera
    to take on the boat. Heres what Im leaning towards. Sony w170,
    w150, cannon powershot sd880 and the sd790 and last but not
    least nikon coolpix s550 and the s600. All have received high
    ratings with the sony being the best I have found. Buzzillions.com
    has reviews and ratings. A guy at best buy made a good case for
    the kodak m1033 but the reviews I have read havent been that good.
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    I hope you enjoy reading:)

    You find everything you ever wanted to know about any one camera and its performance and a whole lot more.

  7. This website has some great reviews on digital cameras. www.dpreview.com

    I researched this about a year ago and went with a CANNON Powershot SD870 IS - Digital Elph.

    There are newer models - best one in the digital elph powershot series was $299 right before Christmas as I just bought one for my dad a few weeks ago. This is pretty compact (small enough that I will actually CARRY IT WITH ME) - if you get one that is too big / a pain to take with you then you will probably not always have it with you.

    The screen on the back is very big easy to see.
    A few features that sold me on this one:
    1) It takes pictures FAST - almost no delay from when you hit the button.
    2) It takes great pictures even without the flash on - which allows you to really take fast pictures - SPONTANEOUS ARE THE BEST PICS
    3) Image Stabilization - helps when on a rocking boat / fish flopping / photographer error - more crisp pics
    4) WIDE ANGLE - 28 MM For in a boat when you are usually pretty close to the subject I felt this was important.
    5) The camera holds a charge VERY LONG.

    I'm pretty "hard" on electronic equipment and mine is still going strong. We bought several of these for work for taking spec sheet photos of boats and everyone likes them.
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    Lots of options out there but I wanted a camera that I could take camping and not worry about the kids dropping it or getting dirt or sand in it. I also wanted to take it out on the boat or use it while fishing rivers and not worry about it getting trashed if it got wet or fell in the water. I basically wanted a camera that would hold up to a lot of outdoor activities. So for Christmas I ended up getting an Olympus Stylus 850SW 8mp. It’s shockproof up to 5’, will operate down to a temp of 14 deg. F, is dust, dirt and sandproof and is waterproof down to 10’. It has digital faced detection and image stabilizer, 3 macro settings and tons of other features. It’s small enough to fit in my shirt pocket but not so small that I can’t operate all the buttons. On the down side the rechargeable battery doesn’t last as long as I would like but a spare battery took care of that problem. It only has a 3x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom so I guess it’s not best choice on images that are far away but most of my shots are close so I ended up giving away that option. It’s still pretty new to me and I haven’t tried everything yet but it’s easy to use and the pictures that I’ve taken look great. Overall it seemed to be the best camera for outdoor use and I’m very happy with it. Not sure what it is now but before Christmas it was 200$ at Dodd Camera. One of the accessories that I still need to get is a floating wrist strap so that it doesn’t sink. .