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  1. Does anyone have a outdoor wood furnace. With fuel oil at 2.00 it would take about 3 to 4 years to pay one off. I have a unlimited resource of wood
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    Sorry to say I don't have one, - but a fellow down the road does, and I do however have a wood-burning stove that I have used for the past 8 years. Also have done a little bit of research myself on the furnaces. Best place to get a broader idea of what is out there, and what will meet your needs is to visit the Paul Bunyan Festival in Nelsonville, Ohio this fall. Aside from all the chainsaws, logging equipment and such there were about 4-5 vendors last year specializing in wood burning furnaces. You can see them firsthand, understand how they work and also talk directly with the reps.

    You seem to have the biggest issue covered...wood. If you can get it for free and don't mind the labor, then you have a win-win situation. After having a wood-burning stove, I don't think I'll ever own another house without one. With the frequent power outages, and the rising costs of energy - they make for great insurance during really cold winters. :D

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    there's a place outside of chillicothe that sells them.give me a day or two and i'll hopefully get their phone number for you.maybe they could send you some literature on them.we were doing a flooring/countertop job right across the road from the guys business and i had no idea what they were.i thought the guy had a really nice smokehouse when i 1st saw it!!!
    i'll look up the number in the morning when i get home.
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    Lehman's Hardware store in Kidron Ohio. They are a few miles south of US 30.

    They are just a seller.

    Brunco stoves in Salem Ohio east of Canton near SR 14. They manufacture close by too.
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    Is that the place on Marietta Rd. Near Mikes Farm Supply? If not there is a guy out there that sells outdoor wood stoves.
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    bronzebackyac,that's the place.i've looked through the chillicothe yellow pages and can't find the number.i have to head down that way in the morning,if i can get over there i'll put the guys name and number up.
  7. My brother-in-law has had one for probably 4-5 years now and loves it. Here is how I see the advantages versus drawbacks.

    1. You put wood in once a day in the winter which is a major plus. You don't have the mess of tracking firewood through the house.
    2. You have the added safety of not worrying about a chimney fire or your house burning down.
    3. You can heat you hot water with it as well which is an added savings.
    The drawbacks are:

    1. Uses more wood but as you stated that is not an issue with you.
    2. Cost may take a while to recover in savings but after that you will be saving big time.
  8. Thanks Folks. I have a local dealer that sells them cost installed is going to run 10 grand. But at the rate fuel prices are going up it will be recovered in less than 4 years. We checked into a summer fill up on the farm for fuel oil, 1.97 with a 3000 gal purchase discount. Otherwise its over 2 bucks a gallon. 4 years ago we filled for 69 cents a gallon buying 3000 gallons.
  9. You may want to do some checking around because that price sounds high to me. I am certainly not in the know on those furnaces but I was thinking that my brother-in-law had his for much less than that. For some reason I was thinking he was in the $6,000 range. At that rate it will take quite a while to recoup the cost. I don't know what the cost is on geothermal but I would think that it would compare to that price very well also.