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Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by wader, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    Anyone ever use a small outboard with their canoe? Thinking of getting a 2hp 2-stroke. I have a 30lb. thrust trolling motor, but I hate counting on a battery during a long trip, and I would like a little more oomph. More trouble than its worth, or does it really provide more adventure?
  2. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    I run a 6hp on my 19' square stern and a 4hp on my 18' regular stern with a side outboard bracket. They are an incredible advantage, espicially when I'm alone, just be careful with a side bracket it makes for a very unstable ride if you try to run too hard.

  3. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    Thanks for the feedback. I found a 2hp johnson that just had its points and condenser replaced for $185. Went to look at it, the old man had me clamp it on his fence and put it in a bucket of water, and it started on the first pull. I wasn't going to do it, but I couldn't pass up such a sweet little motor. By the way thank you George Bush for the check...
  4. I run a 5 hp on the rear flat transom canoe. Works great.
    Have the extended shaft and also use for trolling on my regular Erie boat, and emergency backup. A lot of comfort.

    Run the 8 miles of Huron River several times. Hit a lot of logs and shallow bottom, so be careful of that.

    Prefer to motor upstream first.