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    i just bought a 16 ft boat a few months ago with a 70 hp vro johnson. and i am not sure what oil was being used to mix with the gas. i have a oil i want to run in the motor but my question is can i mix the oil that i want to use in with the oil that is already in the oil tank. or should i just take the tank out and clean the oil tank and just put the oil i want to use. thanks for any input
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    Mixing oil shouldn't be a problem. If you are not going to use it for a while I'd suggest you add stablizer to what is in the tank.

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    i have used a few different brands in my vro tank. i usually use penzoil. as long as you are useing tcw3 ,you will be good to go.


    yea i have stabil in the gas tanks right now, the oil i want to use is redline's watercraft 2 stroke oil it is a nmma tcw-3 oil. and the redline oil will be the only one i will be useing. thanks for the input
  5. you can mix , but I:D change the oil and start fresh . something I know about VRO , clean the vent cap on the oil tank . just dip it in gas/kero and flush it out , the vent hole gets clogged and will set off a alarm.