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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ErieAngler, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. ErieAngler

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    What does everyone use to lock down their outboards? Especially kickers. I just bought a new kicker and the last thing I can handle is someone ripping it off my boat.
  2. OSU_Fisherman

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    There might be a way to rig something up with an Aircraft Steel cable lock of some sort.
    I suppose they make actual motor locks, but I have never come across one.

  3. ErieAngler

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    Cabelas sells a fulton outboard motor lock, but the reviews are mediocure at best.
  4. freyedknot

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    i use a cable and lock,but if they want it bad enough they will get it. if you park it where it might get ripped ,then remove it. i keep everything locked up tight or indoors and locked up in the garage. my 4hp is locked to my compressor.
  5. I got a pair of the locks that fit over the handles of the motors. I believe they are made by Fulton. The key is a round one that goes in the underside of it. Got one for myself and my Dad for our 9.9s. Not to bad of a price. Around $25 if I remember right.
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    I've got a Fulton lock on my Merc. 9.9 kicker. It serves mostly as a detterrant against quick snatch-and-grab thieves, i.e; someone that may come across your boat in a parking lot while you're in getting bait, ice, food etc.


    Someone dead set on getting it with the proper tools and time will get your motor regardless of what you do. Good insurance is your best bet as well as being smart on where you park your rig.
  7. That is true. If they really want it, they will get it no matter what it takes. A guy here in town had them cut the screw-locks that hold the motor on the boat and took it.
  8. ErieAngler

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  9. Agree nothing will stop some but may deter others. Unless kicker is mounted directly on transom, suggest some type of cable or chain from kicker to main. My dad had a kicker lift bracket with kicker locked to the bracket. Thief just unbolted the four bolts fastening the bracket to the boat when sitting in the erie campground lot overnight.
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    I have a Master Lock outboard motor lock for my 9.9 that I’ve had it for 18 years and have never had a problem with it. It completely covers the motor handles and the lock still opens and closes with ease even after being in wet and rainy conditions year after year. The lock does not have the foam on the inside to stop it from rattling but if the boat handles are kept slightly askewed after tightening onto the transom it forms a tight fit with no rattling. I’ve read where some have had problems with salt build up with this lock in sea water being that the lock itself is not incased. Not a cure all but as stated before, short of taking the motor with you, it is a good deterrent.
  11. The One

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    Glock 19 and a steady aim seems to work well. You think a manufacturer would have come up with a lock for one of the tightening handles.
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    we have a motor mount through the transom and a 9.9 mounted on it. we use a masterlock python -- it's a cable system that can loop around anything -- we run it through the motor and motor mount and through the rear cleat. works well. found it at suttons - have a second one to lock the pelican case to the boat too.