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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tall cool one, Aug 14, 2008.

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    to Alaska tomorrow morinig for 9 days of fishing for salmon, trout and char. Aint been hangin w/ my local honey Gmr much lately between getting ready,tying all the flies I'll need for AK and practicing w/ the country band I joined...had to learn 40 songs in a month so's I could play last Sat.
    Gmr's been good the few times I've been out recently,low water right now allows good wading access. Been doing better once the sun is on the horizon and lower.Smallies are right in the faster water this time of year.Tear 'em up while I'm gone,TC1
  2. Enjoy. Sounds like a blast. Those are the trips my grandpa used to make up in Alaska.

  3. chrsvic

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    Sounds like a dream trip.

    I play country music too, Chet Atkins fingerstyle guitar. I played with a bluegrass band a couple of years ago, kinda fell apart. My thumbpicking an electric with a group was kindof different.
  4. I'd tell ya to have a blast up in Alaska but there ain't no sense in it. I know you will. Went up there myself in June and it was the best time I've ever had with my clothes on. Hope ya put a hurtin on those fish up there. Looking forward to hearing the report when you return.
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    Best wishes on your trip to Alaska. Make sure to post how it went when you get back.
  6. Fishman

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    Have a blast man!!